Cultured Magazine - Issue 01: The Real People & Stories Behind Game Development

This magazine aims to educate a wider variety of people about video game development and the people behind some of today’s most interesting and thought provoking games, as well as those pioneering new concepts in the industry. This magazine is written for those who have no previous knowledge of the game development industry.

The first part of the magazine is focused on three different development studios (Capybara Games, Double Fine Productions and Telltale Games). In these sections, you’ll learn about where the studios came from, their actual development process, some of the games they working on and have made before, as well as what they are doing that is unique. After the studio feature, there are personal profiles on one of the creative minds at each studio—something that brings a much more personal side to the development industry.

The final part of the magazine takes a look at the Game Developer’s Conference, an industry cornerstone, its history and what it does for the industry.

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