Sony Confirms Anonymous Has Not Been Implicated With PSN Intrusion In Any Way

"Just to make it clear tonight, the final question asked at the PSN press conference dealt directly with the subject of Anonymous.

A Japanese reporter asked what involvement, if any, this infamous group had with the recent PSN intrusions."

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CrzyFooL2726d ago

Anon was never skilled enough to pull this off anyhow. This is the work of serious hackers. The FBI and DHS are involved.

a_bro2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

there's an elite few from anonymous that can do crap like this, so don't count them out just yet.

When anon does stuff like this:
(HBgary deserved it)

and this:
(westboro deserved it)

you have to stop being ignorant of the situation, that is not to say that they did it. they even stated that it could of been someone within the group that went rouge.

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Istanbull2726d ago

Even if Anons are not involved, people and gamers already associate them with what everything bad happened to them. Right now, they're the most hated people, congrats, mission failed.

New anon message:

Hydrolex2726d ago

I don't care who did this, but whoever did this is a freakin genius ! My brain just farted from thinking of hacking a multi-billionaire company called Sony

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clintos592726d ago


Even if its true, they can still go spread their bs somewhere else. All hackers that try an eff up my gaming time is scum in my book. I got nuttin against hackers but when u f*ck with my gaming time then your on my hate list, its simple as that.

tehpees32726d ago

I bet its LG. those guys have it in for Sony big time

gta28002726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Anonymous might not have anything to do with it but they're the ones who opened the flood gates for other hackers. Sony's Playstaion Network might not have been the most secure in the world but no one messed with it. Up until Anonymous got involved, other hackers that were not even affiliated with Anonymous probably joined in on the action. Almost reminds of times when people loot during riots. People don't loot on any given day. When things are all bad they take advantage of the situation and start looting. In this case a hacker or maybe hackers who had some thing else in mind took advantage of all the recent attacks on Sony and joined in on the action. Bottom line, if Anonymous would of not messed with PSN or Sony, none of this would of not happened right now. But I'm just glad it happened sooner than later and that now we will soon be back on a more secure network and that future Playstation products and future PSN account owners wont be affected by this mishap. Better it happened now than happening with PS3, PSP, NGP and 100+ million possible PSN accounts.

MaxXAttaxX2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

It could very well be fellow hackers and supporters of Geohot.

Millah2726d ago

People just have no idea how Anonymous works. The only reason the Sonyops crew was "anonymous" is because they claimed themselves under Anonymous. Technically, Anonymous is just groups of people who meet on 4chan. 4chan does not have usernames or registration, all posters post under "anonymous." And 4chan is a haven for hackers and people who create most of the memes on the Internet.

To say the hackers who hacked PSN isn't anonymous is pointless, because they could have likely met on 4chan. And more than likely they visit regularly, because 4chan is one of the largest forums on the Internet and is filled to the brim with hackers and that culture.

Saying "Anonymous" has no skill is just ignorant. Maybe "SonyOps" only had the ability to do DDoS attacks, but thats meaningless to Anonymous as a whole. SonyOps were probably not the same Anons who hacked Scientology, and those guys probably weren't the same Anons that hacked Gizmodo, etc. Anonymous is made up of millions and millions of people who visit 4chan, and that's it. Anonymous is simply an entity for those who are in the know with some basic principles and "rules of the Internet."

superduper2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

This is just politics now.

Sony saves their asses.

Now Anon suddenly became "their friends". Because if people will think it was Anon than it is a bigger damage for Sony. "Ahh!! anon kids hacked PSN?? No buy!! Xbox 360 please."

Typical big company brainwashing in order to maximize a profit.

MintBerryCrunch2726d ago

how about being a little less serious everyone and just giggle at the photo with KB as an anon member

Kewl_Kat2726d ago

REALLY? Sony hacked their own network? If that's how you think, then I'd really hate to see you run a business, with you trying to sabotage your own company. Sony had nothing to gain and a lot to lose if they hacked their own network. Bad PR, stock value decrease, compensation, and even legal backlash. Why would they hack their own network again?

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Gazman2726d ago

the only thing anonymous can do is make crap videos

chidori6662726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

this hackers are kids and not hackers serious.

read this chat log

some kids hacked the psn and are negotiating with sony.

ASSASSYN 36o2726d ago

You do realize how contradicting that statement is?

Drjft2726d ago

Glad to see Sony handling everything and clearing it up for consumers.

Kreyg2726d ago

Agreed. This has been one big mess for them, but they are slowly cleaning it up.

yewles12726d ago

*waits for idiots to read the article meaning that Anonymous are acquitted, or innocent all together*

JD_Shadow2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Then we can now see that the very same people who said that Anon HAD to be involved in every way suddenly turn around and say that they knew they never had anything to do with it.

Personally, I don't care WHO did it, Sony. I just want to be able to use PSN again without you neglecting to protect us or you thinking that modders and/or homebrewers are somehow your greatest enemy. You saw how Bush tried to "stop terrorism". Don't be like that fucktard!

fedexas2726d ago

You don't even know what kind of security Sony had and yet you claim they neglected to protect people. Okay, whatever you say.

candybeans2726d ago

I figured that from the start. I mean, when they call stuff off, they mean it.

KwietStorm2726d ago

I really don't understand this logic. So MANY people on the net saying it wasn't anonymous simply because they said it wasn't them or because it wasn't their MO. ...What. They are human beings just like all of us. They aren't computers with an I/O switch. Just because they say something, doesn't mean shit. I truly do not understand the basis of believing anything that people with proven malicious acts have to say. I would never sit here and say that it was them without a question, because I also would be making claims with no proof, but it goes both ways. I just do not get it.

brew2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Your sarcasm detector is broken.

blackburn52726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

It just means that they haven't connected them with it....Yet. They are still searching and it could still have been them. They aren't off the hook yet.

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