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GameSpot counts down to the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo with a series of features about the issues affecting the future of the games industry.

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xc7x2732d ago

i look forward to the day most all games have some multiplayer function,we had years upon years of single player games,that needs to change,gamers need to have the option to play their favorite games online with other peeps. a.i. can only go so far and after awhile it gets boring that way,either it's too easy or too hard with a.i.,maybe one day a.i. will be smart enough to play games with but promise after promise and it's still the same way years later. nothing can replace real live players. devs / publisher need to spend more on online resources rather than a.i. and a game lasts longer than 5 to 8 hours when online with other gamers.

ChickeyCantor2731d ago

Such option either means they need to compromise the design ( not all single player play can magically work for 2 players) or more time will go into making it work for both parts.

cemelc2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Not every game needs online, i want to play great single player games.

Zelda, mass effect, infamous, fallout doesnt need multiplayer, even coop breaks the exprience, you cant have a serious moment (in any game) in a party.

If you cant play alone then dont ruin it for those of us that love to be inmerse in a game.

2fk2731d ago

i like to play games

2fk2731d ago

nah just being stupid ;)

the_union_of_PS3602731d ago

Huge E3 thIs year nintendo showing of their new system(I have doubts it will be called the wii 2 they changing up names gamecube n64 super nintendo etc...) Microsoft I could see the hinting at a new console and maybe focus again on the core audience unlike last e3 couple new games and more info the new xbox live update! Gears ,halo remake,forza other unkoen titles and exclusive stuff (my bet is skyrim exucive dlc since Bethesda has always had a good relationship with MS ) then Sony showing off more move titles trying to push it one more. Time for winter and gameplay for a new santa Monica game (READ I wAs on joystiq and Santa Monica had a job opening for people with open world and shooter expierience. Agent will be having a trailer and GTA v showing. Uncharted will be showed last with a surprise or a jaw stoping moment. Love e3 own a 360 and Ps3 and every year I'm always happy :)

KeiserSosay47882731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

BF3 MP Reveal FTW!!!!

Edit: Agrees for everyone!