IGN:Top 10 pokemon

Here are the results of the top 10 pokemon as per reader poll results...

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Temporary_Name2728d ago

Great to see Charizard still on top after all these years!

btw notice how Dark_Charizard put his profile picture in the article... lol

rezzah2728d ago

Still remember when the cards came out, Charzard was the rarest card. Also I think they said it was worth $50 during that time.

MeatAbstract2728d ago

I had a Charizard as well. One of my proudest decks. And you know what happened? Someone stole it!

Oldman1002727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I remember when i got my Charizard. I flipped out when i got it. And i still have it. Are 1st gen pokemon cards still worth anything these days?

rezzah2727d ago

Not sure, but I do know that you can find some who still play with pokemon cards.

If you wish to find out you'll have to look up the price tags of the cards through google.

Also shops that buy cards pay more IF they don't have more copies of the cards.

You'll probably want to keep a list of the price tags for each card worth $1 or more.

FishCake9T42727d ago

Wheres Grayamon? s/
TBH i didnt know who half of these were. After the first couple Of seasons it went gay. Blastiose still my fav.

Led-Zeppelin2727d ago

At Oldman100, why would you want to sell your child hood memories? Some things are worth keeping.

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Misterhbk2727d ago

Really? The list is 60 percent legendaries. Mewtwo is awesome but I don't use legendaries at all.

Top 5 (as far as looks are concerned)

arjman2727d ago

Someone killed me for my Charizard, consequently I am the only active ghost on N4G

schlanz2727d ago

If you don't feel like watching the video (or giving IGN a hit) here's the list:


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rabidpancakeburglar2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Wondering if your joking because everyone watched arbok get its ass kick all around the place by a pikachu for years.

I was totally expecting zapdos but i think that squirtle should have gone in ahead of blastoise and mew should have been ahead of mewtwo


I know but I think that mew is cooler, although obviously mewtwo is still awesome

rezzah2728d ago

Mewtwo had all the buzz back then. I think people learnt about Mewtwo well before Mew based on the original anime.

Kingdom Come2728d ago

My top 5:
- Hitmonlee
- Blastoise
- Lugia
- Mewtwo
- Machoke

Pyscho_Mantis2727d ago

the best pokemon were the first two generations then it started to suck.

rezzah2728d ago

i find it interesting how the majority are from the original 151 pokemon.

Looks like no new pokemon will ever replace those who we grew up with.

helghast1022727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

No, the real fans like Pokémon from all generations, if you looked at the comments when the votes first went live there was stupid amounts of people saying "HURR OLY VOTE FOR FIRST GEN DERP DERR"
Nobody gives the new guys a chance, and it's a shame really, because Gen 5 easily has the best designs imo

rezzah2727d ago

That may be so based on personal opinions, same goes for me.

However I believe what the first generation has going for it is the impact of pokemon on children (which included me at the time). And like all things, the excitment and impact dies a little overtime, no matter how long it takes.

Example Digimon lost it's excitement a lot quicker than Pokemon, which in turn has not lost it's shine yet but may eventually be so a decade from now.

Who knows, things change unsuspectingly overtime.

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