GameSpot: Nin2-Jump Review

GameSpot writes: "Cave is a Japanese developer best known for its expertise in creating traditional, skill-laden "bullet hell" shooters that appeal to a devout niche audience. Recently, however, the company has been making its attempts at other game genres more visible to the public. It's latest effort, Nin2-Jump, is a tightly focused platformer that urges you to complete stages as quickly as possible to achieve a good ranking. Coming to grips with the challenges in each level provides an addictive hook, and posting a great time on the leaderboards makes all of your hard work worth the effort. Although the short length ends this platformer before you're willing to part with the controller, Nin2-Jump is still a lot of fun while it lasts".

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disturbing_flame2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Average game.

I think all the hype surounding little games to download is taking really bad proportion.
Because of their format lot of people tolerate a lot of things. This game is clearly not a 7/10.

There's a big hype on this generation for this format, people discovering indie games, but it's been 15 years now we, on PC, play such games.
And before that nobody would pay attention for them, there are a lot of great games that people don't know that are better than the games that are releasing today.

Anyway it's great to see now that such game are very appreciated.

For this one i consider it too easy.
And a bit too short.
Idea is cool but i was waiting more from Cave.

I recommend instead to a lot of player to look for Doujin games on PC, there a lot of SHUP that are 200% better than this.
You don't need a formula 1 or big PC to play to them, even on a very common PC you can play them. If you consider yourselh as a gamer please try some doujin, it will make you remember good old time of arcade gaming.