AMD Blasts Rumors of Dropping x86 for ARM

Although ARM thinks it can talk AMD out of using x86, the nation's second largest CPU giant says there are no plans to license ARM's technology.

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hiredhelp2731d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Stick to your guns AMD.
INTEL is my choice cos over clocking. But these guys make great CPU,s at lower cost to intel have done for sometime. Many pol have AMD they do not med to change. To ARM.

Ducky2731d ago

... and follow Intel.

gamingdroid2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Intel unfortunately is my choice as well. For some reason they tend to run better, cooler and more stable on stock!

My AMD X2 6000+ keeps overheating and shutting down. My C2D E8500 runs fine all day long while I put it through the paces.

It would be foolish of AMD not to work on ARM. Even Windows is supporting ARM. All the phones on the market is supporting ARM right now.

Dropping x86 isn't going to happen anytime soon. Nobody has made a chip that runs as fast as x86 for consumer use.

xtremegamerage2730d ago

I want to see lots and lots of arms.

herukuti2730d ago

im gonna buy arm stock on monday; they are in more and more phones tablets and netbooks. i dont see why amd doesnt just compete against intel by licensing arm.

hiredhelp2730d ago

ARMS are ok but they yet to show what they can do sure. NGP IPAD MOBILES. but that's small scale from multitasking desktop pc,s playing games at full whack, encoding.
Overclocking .. Maybe in another year or 2. That's my thoughts.

DeadlyFire2730d ago

They want to watch NVIDIA first. If you don't know. NVIDIA are developing ARM CPUs for desktops. I think AMD's strategy depends very much so on how NVIDIA does.

Intel I don't expect to drop x86, but you never know. Only thing about ARM is well operating systems that support it on Desktop = Windows ARM, and umm...... That's it. If I were a software OS developer I would want to jump into this ARM OS market. As there is noone in it right now.

hiredhelp2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

nobody other than microsoft had had the monopoly on OS systems i mean real os systems. other than apples own.
so unless the next windows 7 is gonna support it. not sure were it wil end up.

other than apple. and lets face it apple wants to be a part of the gameing world now. so maybe..

NVIDIA, hmm long term rivals x86 or for thoes other than deadly fire a cpu witch can only run on system 32. very much dated but still widely used. i much prefer 64bit as can use more memory myself.

we just have to see deadlyfire were goes. my prediction be apple to take em on permanant.As they have been using them. take them into a real sysytem that can run games ect. like say i5 i7 or phenom.

DeadlyFire2730d ago

Apple is all about Intel though its whatever they do that controls were Apple will go. As most Apple products are Intel i5, Intel i7. Both of which are x86 based platforms.

Windows ARM/Windows 8 is gonna support ARM its been confirmed.

At today’s announcement, Microsoft demonstrated the next version of Windows running on new SoC platforms from Intel running on x86 architecture and from NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments on ARM architecture.

NVIDIA isn't working on a 32-bit ARM chip They are going to 64-bit ARM CPU. NVIDIA is wise to the game. They know 64-bit is better.

This was a clear confirmation what our sources were saying about Project Denver: that nVidia is bringing a 64-bit instruction set to the ARM CPU architecture.