SOCOM 4 Latest Patch Notes (Party System Delayed)

26star: Zipper has updated its latest patch notes scheduled to release once PlayStation Network is back up and running. Still upset that there will be no party mode available at the moment, but it does fix various aspects such as the Clan Lobby features. Also making a return is the availability of adjusting "Dead Zone" and the "Acceleration" curves.Check out the official notes below from Jeremy Dunham, Zipper Senior Community Manager, to see all the changes...

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Joni-Ice2729d ago

Whats upsetting is why a important feature such as a party system was left out of the game like Socom where team tactics are required and has been an important factor in previous Socoms. Playing Socom 4 now feels so incomplete.

boogey1572729d ago

Exactly, it makes it difficult to play with a group of people

JAMurida2729d ago

What's more of an important factor would be including a mic with every copy of the game instead of a Move add-on toy thing.

Party systems weren't in the old ones, but I understand how that feature has become a standard now.

Joni-Ice2729d ago

I actually said team tactics was apart of past Socoms and a party system would have allowed to play with friends who you knew were team players. But we both are on the same page.

-Alpha2729d ago

The game shouldn't release unless something like party system is in it. Such a crucial thing that just makes the game look bad if it's not included.

Unacceptable for a game in this day to not have a party system.

WowReally2729d ago

Its because you're suppose to use clan challenge as your party system. This isn't a casual gamers game. Its about competition. SOCOM will always be for hardcore gamers, not casual trash gamers.

Capdastaro2729d ago


Socom has been casual since S3

Joni-Ice2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Dude Socom is about teamwork with a clan or without. When there are no clan matches our clan will play together in normal rooms. But thats the problem, there is no way to play with friends other than clan matches.

Edit: @ WowReally...Think about it, If I cant play in a room with friends/Clan members then whats the point of having a clan? Because we cant play together other then clan matches we cant practice. Why would I clan war if we cant practice...But lets forget about clans for a second, Playing Socom was about playing with friends. That bond we had with friends in previous Socom games are gone in Socom 4.

WowReally2729d ago

Regardless, if Zipper wanted parties in ranked they would have implemented it. They OBVIOUSLY frown upon big clans EASILY dominating the weak/clanless players. Stop being a noob.

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kingboy2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Bring back regional lobbies

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