Analysis of The Marvel Universe MMO Details

Game Rant writes, "I’m getting a strong sense that this game may be Diablo style and not your typical third person style MMORPG, but with an animated comic book style to it. There were numerous references to the “style” of the game and the artists they brought on board. I asked Dave Brevick, President and COO of Gazillion and the creator of Diablo & Diablo 2 if those games were influencing Marvel Universe. He laughed, saying he cannot confirm or deny but that this will be something very different than what’s been done before."

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JsonHenry2782d ago

So, this is like the Xmen/Ultimate Alliance games only free to play MMO? Or did I read it wrong? Whatever the case it sounds like a fun time.

SixZeroFour2782d ago

i think its basically DC universe set in the marvel universe and instead of character customization you are playing as real marvel characters and its free 2 play

soundslike2782d ago

so basically, nothing at all like DCUO

SixZeroFour2782d ago

ahaha, yea...basically just a F2P MMO using marvel characters