Developer Asks PSN Users to Decide if Game Should Be Cancelled

PSLS: Aside from the unrest many are feeling due to the recent PSN security breach that their personal information may have been compromised, many are wondering how the breach has affected developer’s confidence in the PlayStation Network. Will users still support and spend money on PSN enough to make their games profitable? One developer, is asking that exact question, and has thus turned to the PSN community, asking users to vote on if it’s even worth releasing their game.

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Kain813744d ago

Marketing their product...???

Sev3744d ago

Yeah, seems like a publicity stunt to me. But interesting to see how PSN users vote.

If all PSN users vote for the PSN and to keep the game in development, it may help to restore some confidence in Sony that other developers may be questioning.

Everyone should vote and let all developers know that we still support PSN, even if we're going to be more careful about it in the future.

Dee_913744d ago

whats up with these dumb questions lately about psn lol

who wouldnt want more games
even if some people dont feel confident in psn security they could use psn cards

MostJadedGamer3744d ago

This is the good news about the PSN problem. I believe all game should be released on disks. If your game is not released on a disk I won't even consider buying it.

So hopefully here is a positive to come out of this after all, and more developers decide to just stick to retail releases.

afterMoth3744d ago

If your game is going to suck, don't make it. If it is going to be good, I'll buy it.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3744d ago

I was going to say the exact same thing.

Or if you are going to rip off the console owners for the exact same product you sell for .99 elsewhere and think that people will pay 14.00 for it, you might as well keep it.

pixelsword3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Rush Rally Racing...


if it sucks, then you would have to pull something like this to give it attention; conversely, the game would sell itself and you would want people to share in your joy if it was a good game.

And no: I'm not going to fill out their survey. I'm not going to jump through a hoop for some game I just heard about that I probably won't even buy just because he "might" cancel the game. He won't; unless he/they like throwing money down the drain.

elmaton983743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

But if course we wants game, even after this psn fiasco, theres no way im buying my games on another console.

jadenkorri3743d ago

unfortunately today, no online vote will work to continue deving for psn or jump ship, fanboys will bash or agree. Just look at meta-critic scores.

HappyGaming3743d ago

Hmmm I disagree BF 1943
Fat Princess
Super Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars
and Lead and Gold are really awesome games!!!

I play them just as much as I played inFamous...
and if it is small enough to download than why would I want a disk?

Sometimes when you are super tired drunk or especially high it is really hard to change disks so the ability to pick one of my PSN games to play is a real positive in those situations xD

nveenio3743d ago

I think they should cancel their game...even though I'm still confident that I'll be using the crap out of PSN.

HolyOrangeCows3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

This is easily the dumbest marketing technique I have ever laid my eyes upon.

"DUUUUHHHH, we trow away gaem port now and stop making moar monies?"

This company is developing a game for Dreamcast. I'm sure they're the future of the gaming industry.

Holeran3743d ago

I feel sorry for you if you would not buy a game unless it was put out on a disc. Honestly you are missing some of the greatest games to be played on any console if that is true. And if you need a list of some of my favorites which are only available by the psn or other download sites let me know because they are definitely worth the money spent.

insomnium23743d ago

LOL won't even consider buying games if they aren't on a disc? WOW! Missing out on SSHD and Dead Nation is unforgivable if you are a gamer.

Dysmorphic3743d ago

I'm with MostJadedGamer on this one. If I can't buy the game on a disc then I won't bother buying it at all. If Sony or other publishers were willing to put out a compilation disc of some sort, I'd buy it an instant. Right now, I need something tangible to be satisfied.

Dee_913743d ago

who changed the title ?

anywho i bet 90% of that 21% dont even have a ps3 for all we know

upturned23743d ago

20.99999% of those people already own a 360. They just wanted to screw up the numbers. They're reaaaaal clever, those guys.

iamnsuperman3743d ago

Just going to point out that 183 people out of 2,132 said they would change. Not really that many

Information Minister3743d ago

Is it just me, or was there a completely different article in here just a couple of hours ago?

The original story was about a developer asking users if development of their upcoming PSN game should be canceled.

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Oxymoron0283744d ago

Where's the vote option to tell the developers to grow up?

Heartnet3744d ago

Grow Up? why lol .. there making a Mini game aka PSN Only and a small budget so they need to advertise lol :)

Trebius3744d ago

I don't really care for their game or anything ... but I still filled out their survey just to be supportive.

I can understand telling them to grow up ... yes this move is a little unorthodox but at the same time they dont want to waste time and resources creating a game people wont buy anyway.

It's a mini though so im sure it's really not so expensive to make ... so must just be a marketing ploy.

either theyre really concerned, or they're just using the current situation to their advantage, which is obviously working cause i've never heard of them til today.

thats_just_prime3744d ago

If devs listen only to idiot fangirls like Oxymoron and dumbass that fill out polls with fake info like Trebius they might very well end up goin out of business

Oxymoron0283744d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

thats_just_prime; Really so now I'm a fan"girl" because I'm pointing out that this developer is overreacting to a situation that's been blown completely out of proportion by idiot journalists and their blogs?

Further more, they are more likely to go under by limiting their release platforms.

Sit back and watch as every other developer just carries on like normal and ends up completely fine, indie or big name.

Dark_king3743d ago

This is a bit stupid.Is this a PSN exclusive?If so then Sony will cover both development fees and publishing fees.So if no one buys Sony's out the cash.If they do buy Sony gets a decent cut (something like 10-25%) and the rest goes to the developers.

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xAlmostPro3744d ago

If a developer of all people can't understand that sometimes hacks are unavoidable.. then hey maybe don't put your game on PSN..

wicko3743d ago

It's like they think this couldn't happen to Live.

morkendo233744d ago

no, its not worth losing credit info on psn

madjedi3744d ago

Since i ran across 3-4 articles with major credit card companies stating they have seen no evidence of credit card fraud associated with sony moot point atm.

If your really that damn paranoid better cancel your netflix and gamefly subscriptions ect, since they require credit cards and can be hacked just like psn was and any network connected to online can be.

I have to wonder of the 360 owners commenting in psn outage/has been hacked, how many either their credit card stored on the 360 for live/marketplace, or are paying for gamefly or netflix via cc. My guess is enough for 360 owners to hope hackers don't target live as well.

HappyGaming3743d ago

1 you can pay without storing the CC details on PSN...

2 you can buy pre paid cards at any game store...

3 stop trolling...

movements3744d ago

I'll vote against it. Just because This particular developer is just stunting, and to me it's an insult.

Ricco-Warrior3744d ago

yes please cancel call of duty before you kill it like guitar hero. stick to zombies those are more enjoyable than the buggy multiplayer

lil Titan3744d ago

PSN users should have been the ones to decide if Eight Days got canned or not

ChronoJoe3743d ago

Why do people post this crap? you do realise that's all target rendered right?

You've seen nothing of the game.

lil Titan3741d ago

WOW never saw that gameplay before and rest assure that video should shut somebody up also the wonder of those disagrees must be from that same person too lol

ChronoJoe3738d ago

Some alpha footage that looks technologically behind, other games of it's time? great.

I'll give you that it is gameplay, though. Just from a build waaay too early to assess the games quality.

You're still idiots.

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MazzingerZ3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Probably marketing but in a way I prefer 2 quality games every second week than many...don't have time anyway to buy all of them, it's just too much, not that is bad having lot of variation

but I feel it's not the same as 2-3 years ago where you didn't even need a demo because 90% of the games released were quality games...EyeToy, Dark Mist, Super rub a dub, Pitoyama, they had that special PS feeling

today there are too many that I get lost, seriously

ChronoJoe3743d ago

Not really likely since the rest of the games they've made have made like 0 profit because they're the only dev releasing Dreamcast games in 2009.

That and they're a really small indy dev... almost hobbyists. Not really profit motivated.

Prototype3743d ago

Let those 21% go to Live; then after a few months they're gonna see live isn't all greener grass and eventually go to pc or go back to psn. I and a few others have yet to boot up our 360's because we didn't before it went down and don't plan on turning our system on just because a service is down.

The people "thinking" of leaving were already in the process anyways before all this; and honestly if someone wants to leave "just" to play multiplayer games then by all means go ahead - apparently they aren't part of the 80's-90's gen of gaming where local multiplayer was dominate. Yes online works to meet new people and have new friends to play with, no it's not gonna make/break someone who gamed BEFORE online existed.

dantesparda3743d ago

Well enjoy paying for it suckers! i know i did for 3 yrs, but no more and never again. Peace, suckers!

Kain813743d ago

really? LOL

BTW what the heck i commented about thes news here
how could my comment land here...

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3744d ago
doctorstrange3744d ago

Conversations like these will be held behind closed doors at certain publishers. All eyes will be on PSN's revenue in May.

B1663r3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Again, now that we have learned that psn only has 2.5 million paying customers I would say every psn store game producer in on the phone with Microsoft today signing exclusivity agreements with XBLA.


So which is it, did Sony compromise 2.5 million cc#'s as Sony claims, or is it something more than that;P

Face it, PSNA developers are gonna jump ship now, simply because Sony has had to admit how few paying customers PSN has, while XBLA has 40 million+ paying customers.

If you were a developer, what would you do?

Rynx3744d ago

Yes only one bubble left soon soon....

fghsjdfghjdfhgkjdf3744d ago

Not sure if you're genuinely clueless or not but you don't need to submit your credit card details in order to purchase through the playstation store.

I'd also suggest waiting for an actual job role within Microsoft before spending your days campaigning on their behalf.

JackBNimble3744d ago

2.5 million paying customers? Where did you pull this number out of...?

DRIIV3744d ago

Because no one uses psn cards


DarkFantasy3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

all I'm going to say is PlayStation Network fact i just bought one going to use it as soon as psn is back up.

radphil3744d ago

"Face it, PSNA developers are gonna jump ship now, simply because Sony has had to admit how few paying customers PSN has, while XBLA has 40 million+ paying customers. "

There's a difference between voluntarily paying and forced to pay.

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Focker4203744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I use PSN cards for my purchases anyway so the breach won't affect my buying decisions. But even if I did use a credit card it wouldn't matter. No one has actually had someone making fraudulent charges so theres nothing to be worried about.

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