Golden Axe: Beast Rider becomes Xbox 360 Exclusive?

Golden Axe will feature hottie Tyrus Flare, a heavy levels of violence and even sport some much needed nudity. The mature action RPG, in development at Secret Level, was originally slated for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3, but Xboxygen writes it's now a 360 exclusive.

DemiseofPandas6084d ago

I hope this isn't true. Granted there is little information on the game, but I still have hopes in this classic franchise.

MyNutsYourChin6084d ago

I agree with you on this classic. I hope they don't turn it into a God of War/Heavenly Sword profit sponge. Just give us the classic with some much needed next gen qualities.

tomfoolery6084d ago (Edited 6084d ago )

Sega Genesis.
Now it's one of the reasons I'm completely stoked to be a 360
Pity for you PS3DO folk if the exclusivity thing is for sure,considering the way you idiots act I.E......when you @ Homos gang up and take bubbles from 360 fans.............it's just lame,and plain bad sportmanship.
All because your wittol PS Thwee sucks some serious nutsack this gen.
Weak little d1psh1ts,all of you.
Dammit,I miss old Bladestar.

Nuch Vader6084d ago

I guess it's time for me to go and buy a copy of Play Magazine. I love the Original Golden Axe. As for it being Xbox 360 Exclusive?? I can't wait to get some confirmation on that rumor.

Seraphim6084d ago

I got the latest issue of PLAY today... Hate to say it but they do have it listed as 360 [misprint? I'm sure we'll soon find out]...

bootsielon6084d ago (Edited 6084d ago )

Why not lamestation to go all the way? You certainly have a life, don't you...



Are you one of those morons that said that PSP has no games, just like gamecube had no games, just like saturn, xbox, n64, genesis and every other non-leader console? Or are you just the one-sided hypocritical moron type? Seriously, you talk as if Wii or Xbox 360 had anything good other than shooters, racers, mini-games and last gen ports.

Gina-get-u6084d ago

I like his avatar, it's funny. My only complaint is it shows more burgers grilling than there are good games on the real thing.

Gina-get-u6084d ago

Hahaha. Lighten up monkeyboy. I knew that comment would make you flip out, so I couldn't resist pressing the button. Zing!

mikeslemonade6084d ago

All the developers who originally were going multiplatform and decide to go 360 exclusive are developers who are way to small to make a quality multiplatform game to begin with. Also they already struggle making a quality game because either the development team is too small, not enough money, or not skilled enough.

ktchong6084d ago

those that make good, innovative independent games without having a big company like EA meddling in the creative process.

wageslave6084d ago

Nice spin there. But I can see your sour-grapes showing.

I mean, really, Golden Axe? Who The FCUK doesnt want another Golden Axe game?

I see you PS3 owners are already in damage control (all over this forum all-ready).

Here is your solution:

mesh16084d ago

mass effect/gears of war/bethseda with oblvion /bungie/i bet cause these gamemakers mke only for 1 console they are not talented aye shut up plz u knwo nothing ABOVE WRITEER.

Snukadaman6084d ago

in fact the writer is waiting for confirmation. read the whole thing.