5 Sega Genesis Games That Need the Streets of Rage 4 Treatment

GameCrate: "The Sega Genesis catalogue features a long list of classics that would be great to see revived on modern platforms. Here are five Sega Genesis games that deserve the Streets of Rage 4 treatment."

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ApocalypseShadow1463d ago

Throw in Guardian Heroes. The magic and mayhem would be crazy. With Undead Hero leading the charge.

FreeckyCake1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Altered Beast with cel-shaded graphics is going to be lit!
Although I think the blood would look like tomato?

Kados1461d ago

Beyond Oasis
Crusader of Centy
Pier Solar
Phantasy Star IV


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Knightofelemia57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Golden Axe is a great game I enjoyed it on the SMS, Genesis and in the arcade. Great game but it truly was a quarter eater back in the day. I wish Sega could get the rights to the arcade port of Moonwalker another great arcade game I enjoyed. Collect so many monkeys and become Robo Michael lol.

HeliosHex524d ago

Agreed. Don't forget to include the classic red/white one piece for the amazon.

Fonsecap524d ago

We definitely need a good golden axe Game, dotemu should definitely do it, and Capcom should remake final fight

RetroCaptainSteve523d ago

As long as it's not like Streetwise, I agree.

Fonsecap522d ago

There was nothing "wise" about that game 😅


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