Free Realms 2 Year Anniversary Trailer Released

JI writes: "With its long-foretold release to the PlayStation 3 now official, free-to-play MMO Free Realms from Sony Online Entertainment is now celebrating its two year anniversary. The game is available on PC and PS3 and appropriate for a wide variety of age groups. In the game you will perform tasks specific to a number of classes. The intuitive controls and interfaces are noted as being accessible by even those new to gaming."

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i need a new mmo, as apb killed my want for one, yet again

Hitman07692733d ago

I got to playing this a little and it's not half bad, depending on your tastes.

MysticStrummer2733d ago

Yup. I downloaded the free version expecting to run around for a little and then delete, but ended up buying the lifetime membership several hours later. At $35 bucks, I just look at it as a cheap game to kill time and get trophies with when I'm in between big releases. Makes me want a PS3 Everquest though. I played the PS2 Everquest for several years.

Lulabarbie2733d ago

Oh, well happy anniversary!