Microsoft Windows Misses Estimates as Consumers Pick iPad

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), the world’s top software maker, reported third-quarter sales in the Windows division that missed analysts’ predictions as consumers shunned its products in favor of tablets such as Apple Inc.’s iPad.

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cstyle2727d ago

Sounds like sour grapes to me. I see some are still mad about psn so they take it out on Microsoft any way they can.

Kyur4ThePain2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Wow. That's a stretch.

Fact is Apple is bigger and growing faster than MS.

LOL @ below.

B1663r2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Fact: comparing a phone company to a computer software company reveals your intellectual disability.

@retard below,

Go look at Apples earning reports, 80% of their revenue comes from iPhone sales, and almost all the rest comes from App sales.

Comparing Apple to Microsoft is like comparing Sony to Taco Bell.

phello2727d ago

@B1663r Are you really calling apple a phone company and stating it as a fact. Here is another fact for you. You are a idiot.

Pyscho_Mantis2727d ago

hahahahaa is the guy at the top unaware apple make software OS X and Mac computers. Not to mention they created the tablet and to an extent the mp3 industry LOL. Think about in innovations which company over the past decade has been more innovative: Apple. Microsoft dropped the ball with windows vista and apart from kinect there has been nothing new from the company.

socomnick2727d ago

As soon as the iphone becomes redudant which will be soon, Apples size will shrink dramatically.

Calling Apple anything but a phone company would be idiotic. Apples grand majority of revenue is generated from phone and phone relate sales.

TheEatingChampagne2727d ago

You have to be mentally retarded to think that Apple is gonna be bigger than Microsoft..

darx2727d ago

@Kyur, So you know the article you linked is actually talking about the company's market cap and user base.

Kyur4ThePain2727d ago

How do you measure the size of a company? The number of staplers they own?

darx2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

No, who would do such a thing. But you should know the difference between market cap and market penetration. My bad I left out in above comment "and not" user base.

Kyur4ThePain2727d ago

Darx...understood. But I would rather have 10% of a user base and be worth a bundle than have 90% of the user base and make less.

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VonAlbrecht2727d ago

My favorite comment is about how people will pick an iPad over a laptop.

Good for them, I hope they like inferior processing power and the inability to do anything.

Stealth20k2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I agree a laptop is better than an ipad in every way

1 word.........keyboard

MAULxx2727d ago

I'm not buying anything Apple.... ever.

I'm not a Microbot either I just don't like Apple products.

Ipad is a gimmick that sells.

Pixel_Pusher2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )


Why do you need to spend $1500-$2000 on a machine if all you're going to do is send email, browse the web, etc. It's ridiculous. But with the iPad you can do all that and more for a whole lot less.

The iPad's little, yet powerful CPU can run games, video conference, podcast, movies, tv shows, spreadsheets, netflix, video editing(imovie), and adobe just announced Photoshop for the ipad (lulz).

For anything more recourse intensive they'll use their PCs at home/work but the truth is that people don't need a 4Ghz work station to do all that and for most part the iPad takes care of their needs. So what's wrong with that? Nothing.

You guys are always ripping on Apple and the Apple tax well now Steve and Co are saving people a shit load of money but you're still not happy.

Apple has the lion share of the market and it appears that it will remain that way for a long while. : ) The majority of the public are core users, they're casual and they're voting with their wallets...sorry droid/Win users but those are the cold hard facts. :P

VonAlbrecht2725d ago

Uh, are you high? You can buy a laptop for $500 that is immediately more powerful than an iPad... Oh, and it has USB ports.

Apple products cater to non-power users who are okay with having minimal control over the way their product works. Obviously, since the majority of our populace consists of inept retards, of course Apple will do well. You can't cite sales as a reason for something being good. By that logic Nickelback must be an INCREDIBLE band.

TOSgamer2727d ago

People who buy an ipad don't care about silly things like processing power, usb ports or card readers. Its a fashion accessory biatch.

evrfighter2727d ago

you're right they only care about keeping up with the Jones's. even of it is a piece of crap rolled in some plastic and aluminum.

BTW wtf does this have to do with gaming

Kyur4ThePain2727d ago

The iPad obviously fills a need, otherwise it wouldn't sell, right?
No matter how much you call it a fad or gimmick, Apple obviously hit the nail on the head with that niche. Time for everyone else to play catch up (again).

gamingdroid2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

For most people, a tablet is exactly what they need. They don't need the extra processing power or features. If they have to have a keyboard, there is an accessory for that!

MS really dropped the ball here, just like they did on the smart phones. In both cases, they were out before everyone else, yet when the market matured for it, MS is nowhere to be seen!!!

Personally, I got a Nook. I love it for book reading, but the screen is a tad small. Best deal I could get at the time though....

Captain Qwark 92727d ago

I would hardly say they dropped the ball with the smart phones buddy I love my windows phone and other than custom ringtones and a few apps I haven't seen anything the iPhone can do that my phone can't. Except I have excel on my phone which is awesome.

gamingdroid2727d ago

I own an HTC HD7. It's the best phone I ever had, very stable, interface is easy to use and minimalist design is fantastic.

I much prefer my WP7 phone over Android and iPhones, but let's face it MS came out the market way late while Apple was making in-roads. MS has been in the market for ages and Windows Mobile 6.5 was still there main phone OS just last year.

If you are in the market as a major player, letting in TWO new competitors swoop in and take the market and have you release a phone years later isn't dropping the ball then I don't know what is.

In terms of the quality of WP7, it's the best phone out there in my opinion. That said, MS sound notoriously similar to Sony in this regard, release a quality product ages after the market is matured.

Moentjers2727d ago

I had a laptop to consume information in a couch, before TV... I replaced it with an iPad.
laptop -1
iPad +1

- surfing
- watching movies (air video)
- reading pdfs
- gaming

TheEatingChampagne2727d ago

Have fun with not being able to connect it to the TV, to transfer movies via usb to it, to play games with inferior graphics and with on screen touch buttons, to surf the web without being able to see flash videos

Blaine2727d ago

A laptop is still infinitely superior than an ipad in every category you mentioned. The only advantage the ipad has is boot time. Could be useful when you're on the go--literally in the middle of the street--but otherwise a laptop is better in any scenario.

That being said... I do want to buy a tablet. For when I'm in the middle of the street! (And need to look at google maps or something.) But I'm waiting for Sony's. Android + Sony = <3

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archemides5182727d ago

ipad is garbage, don't buy into the hype (i know i'm years late with this)

jag_stilvecchio2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I'm glad to see Apple doing well and let's face it Microsoft isn't exactly facing bankruptcy. Both companies can do well and it means better products for consumers.

Personally I'm a PC user and I'm not switching to OS-X anytime soon. My laptop absolutely screams with a bright beautiful 17" screen, 8gb of RAM, a top-end mobile graphics card and Blu-ray all for about $1K. The equivalent Apple product would have cost 2x as much minimum. Apple has done a great job convincing folks to pay premium dollars for their product. Congrats to them.

After my 2 year stint on an iPhone I can see why people like the product. It's simple to use/update and intuitive. It's not for me though. I'm on a Droid X running Android and couldn't be happier. I like the ability to tweak and customize my phone w/o having to jailbreak.

iPad owner rave about their product. Again, I don't see it. It's a giant iPod Touch. I'll stick w/ my Laptop & Kindle.

Blaine2727d ago

I won't be switching to the Apple camp any time soon, but I'll say one thing for their high prices: build quality. Their products are really well put-together!

That's one thing I find sorely lacking on the PC side; it's very hard to find a decent laptop with the same level of design and build quality as Apple's, and then they end up being roughly the same price anyway. So I think their prices are justified, not by numbers but by fit & finish.

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