Will we actually get KH news at E3? - Kingdom Hearts Union 27 just released the 27th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union:

"The news drought continues on as Nomura is still hibernating in his cave, so the gang turns to questions. Join in with Lauren as she fearlessly leads Darryl, Churro, and Melissa through a bunch of listener questions.

Will we hear info about KH at E3 this year, should the story get darker or stay light hearted, is Re:Coded a waste of space, do you want more Final Fantasy character involvement in KH3, and much more. It'll take more than a news drought to keep us down, even if the apocalypse gets here before KH3 is announced (bah Nomura!)!

Make sure you don’t miss the new Burning Question for next episode so that we can read your response! Kingdom Hearts Union is part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes and releases an episode of KHU every three weeks."

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ShawnCollier3706d ago

I wonder if that whole BBS Volume 2 teaser will amount to anything or if it was Nomura just f***ing with everyone.

tweex3706d ago

Man, I hope so. If, by some rare fluke, we actually get real news on KH3, I would probably lose it. Mind you, I'm not holding my breath.

thugbob3706d ago

If KH3 never comes to the PS3 that would one of the major disappointments this gen. There are people that bought a PS3 anticipating that KH3 would on the system. I for one am tired of these spin offs and want a HD KH3. =/

kesvalk3706d ago

they should learn to never buy a console anticipating third party games...

it's one of the dumbest things that you can do...

Hardedge3706d ago

Probably, doubt there'll be anything playable though.

mephman3706d ago

Probably Dream Drop Distance - but I doubt we'll see anything else.

Shok3706d ago

What do you guys think? - Will KH3 be an exclusive or multiplat?

tweex3706d ago

That's actually a really great question. Considering the lack of KH content on the Xbox in the past, I would be willing to say PS3, however, SE could pull another FF13 on us.

Please God, don't let it be on the Wii. I want Sora and gang in HD this time!

Shok3706d ago

I'm 100% positive it won't be going to Wii. Why would Square make it for that platform when it's HD successor is coming next year, ya know?

ReservoirDog3163706d ago

@ cloud

Oh that would really be something. God knows I can't afford a new console and all that that implies but if KH3 was an exclusive....I'd sell my entire games collection to get it.

We all know KH3 will happen after the BBS secret ending.

Valk3705d ago

LOL Kinda hard to make KH in HD on sub HD consoles... Its okay kid you can have another crap FF13 for KH. I'm sure sub HD graphics are much better than 100+hours of game play and open worlds.

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Capt-FuzzyPants3705d ago

Excusive. Based on what Nomura's said in the past he works on one console and then if the bosses really really want to take it to other consoles they can port it.

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The story is too old to be commented.