Should you listen to BioShock in the dark? - Garry Schyman Interview just released their most recent episode of Gaming Music FM with a special interview with Garry Schyman, the composer of BioShock and Dante's Inferno:

"An exciting interview is what we have for you this time around as Brian sits down with Garry Schyman, the composer for BioShock and Dante's Inferno. Listen in to hear where Garry grew up, how he got into music, and his journey as a composer in the video game industry.

In addition, Garry will be appearing at the Anaheim Comic Convention in a few days. Also, Garry’s music will be performed live on May 9th from his work on BioShock, Dante's Inferno, as well as the 2nd movement from his very own classical composition.

Listen in to hear his story and how you can see him in person and hear his music live! Gaming Music FM is one of the podcast series which focuses on music from the gaming industry and you can subscribe on iTunes."

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tweex2733d ago

I tried that once, and it scared the heebee jeebees out of me. Excellent interview. It's cool to hear about a composer who actually steps out of the games industry and then comes back. Garry seems like a really cool guy

JDouglasGU2733d ago

makes me want to replay both games, well... maybe dante's slightly less so.

Hardedge2733d ago

I feel like playing it again..

ShawnCollier2733d ago

I really need to get into this series one of these days.

tweex2733d ago

You really do, especially since BioShock Infinite is gonna be out soon-ish.

No_Pantaloons2733d ago

Time must move differently in your world. The closest rumor on its release is 2/6/2012, which is more than 9 months away. Beating Bio1&2 would take less than a week for busy individuals, a gamer could likely knock em both out in the same day.

tweex2733d ago

@No_Pantaloons Hence why I said "soon-ish"

Rybakov2733d ago

i want infinite.....makes me sad i still have to wait a year for it

Zydake2733d ago

omg i still have my bioshock and i think i was going crazy with only hearing the sounds

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