So, you think that it is easy to cancel Xbox Live? Think again

BKnight of SFG writes: While I have nothing bad to say about the Microsoft Xbox Live Network itself, it does what it is intended. It allows you to play games across the Internet and to manage a friends list. It also allows you to have private party chats and a bunch of other cool features that Xbox Live competitors do not have. Some gamers see this as justification for the price tag, some do not. But, what happens when you decide that you no longer want to pay for Xbox Live and wish to cancel your subscription? For some it is as easy as placing a phone call to Xbox Live, for others it is a whole different ball game.

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PirateThom2783d ago

I just removed my card details via their website... can't auto-renew if there's no card.

BrianG2783d ago

Yea my bro went through a very similar case when he renewed for a buck for the one month.

Apparently you have to remove it from the website, simply deleting it off the console wont suffice.

Mr_Bun2782d ago

I still have my XBL subscription (expires Dec 17) and it still won't let me delete my original credit card. It seems that once you give them a credit card, they want to keep at least one on file.

Luckily the one they have on file has expired so I don't have to worry about the auto renewal.

BrianG2782d ago

I know bun, thats what I was saying, but apparently people disagree haha. My bro had to call the bank and MS at the same time to handle the situation of removing his Debit Card info and cancelling the renewal feature.

SixZeroFour2783d ago

cant you just call the bank and cancel/stop any future payments for LIVE?

Chaos692783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Doing that disables/bans your account (stupid, I know)

Godmars2902783d ago

I once made the mistake of getting XBL during the Xbox1 era through Circuit City. When I tried canceling it nether would even take my calls saying the other had the account. Not only had to cancel the card finally but argue - with MS - about the excess fees I wasn't going to pay.

And no, this isn't why I'm anti-360 which I'm not. I'm anti-360 fanboy. Not that I will ever go near XBL - Gold anyway.

earbus2782d ago

Another lets try and take the heat of sony articles nice one.

Father Time2782d ago

Because you can psychically predict that this article wouldn't have been made if Sony wasn't hacked.

Excalibur2782d ago

Why would you want to? ;)

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