New Mario Converse kicks make us want to re-enact our favorite ‘The Sandlot’ scene

CG - "In celebration of Mario’s 25th Anniversary, Converse Japan has teamed up with Nintendo to release these limited-edition bad boys! These are cool for a myriad of reasons..."

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Ekmez2728d ago

Come on guys... Those were PF Flyers

newn4gguy2728d ago


Terrible, isn't it?

FNAG2728d ago

HAHAHA, but PF Flyers were just in one scene! The regular Chuck Taylors were worn throughout the whole movie for the most part. LOL

newn4gguy2728d ago

It's a great scene, but does it really beat out the pool scene with Skwints and Wendy...or "Campout"? Or even the fair?

TheBrightIdea2728d ago

Yummy "the sandlots" has no favorite scene....the entire movie is my favorite scene