The Deep: A Game that Should Release on PS3

Dualshock Nexus: The previous developers for Ubisoft's "I Am Alive" appear to have been working on a prototype called "The Deep". Check out more information on the Darkworks' title below.

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Treezy5042783d ago

Yeah 3D of course is a plus for me, but also the concept of the game looks nice. I don't know why, but that spider in the vid reminds me of the Armor Spider from Demon's Souls lol.

sinncross2783d ago

Sony could always try comissioning a game. Not sure if they'll have the funds to pursue another title with money be spent over various other studios, and even the developers behind Adrift.

stuntman_mike2783d ago

that looked really good i hope they do release that as a game.

GraySnake2783d ago

Kinda looks like a underwater Dead Space... on the radar now.