Victorious Boxers Hands-on Featurette

A couple of real-life boxers get their hands on the Wii and share their feelings about Victorious Boxers.

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ItsDubC4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

It's getting harder and harder to not buy this game...

I've never seen the anime but I'm a huge fan of boxing. And judging from the video, the punches seem to register pretty accurately. The controls for that particular control scheme are very intuitive:


Danman354019d ago

this looks really stupid, I think 1up said it was garbage

DeckUKold4018d ago

you need a life after bashing

cuco334019d ago

I'll rent it before I buy to see if it's great or not.

It's been praised in Japan

Me and my buddies have a blast with WiiSports boxing even though the controls in that aren't 100%. This one looks like a winner

PS360WII4018d ago

yea this does look like a good title. Certainly has a better look then Wii Sports and looks like they added to the controls ^^ It's supposedly out now but I guess they didn't ship it to my area yet :(

Ah well I guess I can wait a bit and just buy this with table tennis and Manhunt 2 ^^