World Of Warcraft Coming To Next Gen Systems (probably)

World Of Warcraft might be coming to next-gen systems, according to Blizzard.

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signal3605367d ago

It won't. Give it up! Gees!

zypher5367d ago

it'd be cool if it did, for both the 360 and the PS3. it'd also be cool if fanboys of both camps could game together...*pauses to consider how fanboys bicker on this site* wait, scratch that last idea. eh, i'd actually thought about getting WoW on my PC, bue concluded that i don't really have the time to invest in a mmorpg of such calibur. i'm still considering it, however.

ImTheNumber125367d ago

I completly agree. I thought it would be cool to take a good mmorpg(not Final fantasy)and be able to play in a big community of ps3, 360, and computer users but then it seemed to me like a horrible idea. unfortunatly I cannot play computer games because my computer is a pos. It can't even run solitare.

zypher5367d ago

i'm sorry. i have a HP Pavilion with a 64 bit Athlon processor. i couldn't even tell you what kinda graphx card it has, only that it's ATI standard issued. even still, i probably don't meet the minimum requirements for a game like WoW (i don't even wanna think about Crysis, since you'll need Vista for it); and i don't game on my computer enough to justify buying a $400+ graphx card and Vista. oh well, i still have my 360 and soon a PS3. maybe WoW will come to one of those's to wishful thinking.

bung tickler5365d ago

if anything it wil be on pc/360 via live anywhere but i highly doubt it will come out on the ps3 for a couple reasons, the biggest being there is no ps3 online as of yet and it will be a long time before sony gets it right and woking how it should be. second its easy to port over pc titles to the 360 however the p3s is a nightmare. so it would just make sence that blizzard would take the lower cost easy road and just do some control tweaking and port it to the 360 and thier very mature online service.

bung tickler5365d ago

as a side note... blizzard suxs now as they lost all thier real talent when the frenchies baught them... try guild wars its far beter or wait for hellgate london.

XboxKing5365d ago

I've worked for Blizzard for 5 years now and all I have to say to you is.

"sorry we lost you as a fan"

frostbite065365d ago

and all i have to say to you is Diablo 3 better be in the works! :p

XboxKing5365d ago (Edited 5365d ago )

hahahaha YOU are so right!!! lol
I wish I could tell you if it is or is not in the works, but I can't say sorry. :-(

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Shake5365d ago

Hey,I work for sony and all i do for work is sh1t in kens face!!!!