Zipper Interactive Interested In NGP - Still Have "So Much" They Want To Do With The SOCOM Franchise

"We still have so much which we want to do with the franchise."

"TGL caught up with SOCOM: Special Force’s Game Director Seth Luisi to talk about all things SOCOM, Move implementation, MAG influences, DLC and NGP."

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TOO PAWNED2733d ago

Please don't Mag was mediocre, so is new Socom. In before fanboys hit disagree but, you know it's true. They should hire good animation artist, and someone writer. Since guys move horrible in Socom, and single player story is generic joke.

TOO PAWNED2733d ago

"Director Seth Luisi" - when I see this guys name, I cringe. He was also "director" on Socom:Confrontation.

joydestroy2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Socom4 is mediocre? maybe we're playing different games o_O

i've been having a blast with it since it released, and i have yet to check out the co-op and the MP fully. just been unlocking weapon mods which has kept me very busy. getting ready for co-op with my bro. hard with high enemy density. this will finally take the place of the Rainbow Six Vegas co-op that i loved so much. terrorist hunt FTW!

Ju2733d ago

You and me and quite some others enjoy this game a hell of a lot. And yet, we both will get a shit load of disagrees. I am wondering why.

I am enjoying this game quite a bit. Custom campaigns more than anything. I think I am ready to go beyond medium and "normal density". Only thing is, weapons level off at 5 and it's too easy to get there. Makes me replay with different loadouts just to max every single weapon, though.

hardcorehippiez2733d ago

i have to agree with you and im a long time socom vet . the game is not like other socoms but it is damn good. it takes a while to adjust and on easy through campaign you can run through like rambo but crank the difficulty up and oh boy what a difference. thats when it starts to feel like socom of old. you have to be careful with every move and plan you attacks. if zipper make a few changes like pull camera add lean peak bring back dot reticule and old maps with old game modes this will be the best socom yet. a very good game .

Ju2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

LOL. See what I mean. Already started.

@above. I found the first time custom missions quite challenging. I had to re-learn where to send my swat. Now its more like a walk in the park. Can be boring for some, I imagine. Because the secret is not getting into a firefight yourself but keep your swat alive by making the right strategic decision. If this is not Socom, than what is.

joydestroy2733d ago

hey if either one of you guys ever wanna play some co-op on there, my PSN name is joydestroy

but i agree with you both. i'm really hoping they bring some more co-op maps, MP maps and weapons as DLC. i'd gladly cough up the dough for it

hardcorehippiez2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

yea ill play with ya if your on but i have to say its hard to drag me away from my clan TNS and confrontation which i think is more like the original socom on line. hacked to bits but still damn good. but i do like socom 4 as well so i will be playing so add me Hippiez2007. both ju and joy oh and am more competitive rather than co op but ill give it a try

MikeTyson2733d ago

It's not Socom. SOMAG4.

You obviously haven't played a Socom game prior to SOMAG 4 - hell even after all the patches, extra content (Cold Front) Confrontation still had/HAS that SOCOM feel.

And no, we're long over due for a TRUE R6 game.
Terrorist Hunt ftw indeed!

BattleAxe2733d ago

Socom 4 isn't Socom as we all came to know and love so well. Usually the people who post in the forums talking about how great this game is, have never played Socom 1, Socom 2, Socom 3, or Socom: Combined Assault. Socom 4 sucks, and theres a reason why the game has a 66/100 Meta Score.

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Der_Kommandant2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Where are the Navy Seals?

That's the first question I asked myself after the first 5 minutes of SOCOM 4, what a let down... Zipper just destroyed SOCOM

chidori6662733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I agree this isnt socom at all. I know people want a “new” Socom but the old Socom is what we all loved. now it's mainstream and totally sucks i want the original Socom.

Ju2733d ago

I disagree. This is Socom.

Adva2733d ago

You want the original? Go play the original.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2733d ago


If the graphics were up to par and the servers were not filled with cheating pieces of shit I am sure many of us would. I have played Socom 2 by far longer than any other game that I have ever purchased.

Ju2733d ago

"If the graphics were up to par"

Up to par to what? Uncharted2? Because that's where they are. Seriously. Go and take a closer look.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2733d ago

Talking about the old socoms...if the graphics were as crisp as this and confrontation

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I kind of liked MAG,would prefer they concentrated on moving it forward instead of working on frankenstein.

Lone_Star2733d ago

The beta felt like a cross between COD and Gears of war, it was odd. I would much rather play something like Gears or Uncharted if I want third person action game.

miDnIghtEr2733d ago

What's taking them so long to do with SOCOM, what they want to do with it? How much more do they want to add that they keep not adding in the first place. Socom hasn't been good since parts 1 and 2. Sorry... trust me.. Socom is what made me start playing online gaming. But boy has Socom sucked since part 3.

And ya... to those of you saying the game isn't mediocre, and that you might be playing a different game.... maybe you guys are. Because the Socom 4 that I was in the beta for and played, sucked! Like the metacritic score shows of a 66.

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