IGN: Michael Jackson: The Experience PS3 Review

IGN: "The PS3 version of Michael Jackson: The Experience is like the older brother of the Wii version. It uses the same set of live action dance sequences superimposed over themed backgrounds. You're free to sing or dance to 29 of Michael's tunes using the PlayStation Move controller and a compatible USB microphone (neither peripheral included). You can rock the stage solo or play with up to three of your friends by picking two singers and two dancers. It's the best of the motion-based Michael Jackson games, but it's still not the full-body, robust package that Michael Jackson fans deserve."

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whateva2735d ago

Dancing & Fitness games is where Kinect should shine above the other motion controllers, on Kinect the game got a 4/10 & the Wii got 3.5/10 I guess the video recording & uploading & better tracking was a better upgrade over the Wii than people thought ,

sigfredod2735d ago

yeah this dancing games should be the forte for the kinect but it seems is not the case hhmm curious

Jamegohanssj52735d ago

Lol 1:1 ratio my friends. Sony doing what they do best.


Michael-Jackson2734d ago

Superior version confirmed.