CryEngine 2-Powered Mars-Set MMO Initially Unveiled, to be Powered by StreamBase

Honolulu-based Avatar Reality, whose management and advisory boards feature something of an all-star cast of industry veterans, released early screenshots and concept artwork from its sci-fi MMO Blue Mars. The company also joined BioWare in licensing StreamBase Systems' Complex Event Processing technology for its game's online infrastructure. Blue Mars was already announced as using Crytek's CryENGINE 2 as its rendering solution.

Unsurprisingly set on a terraformed Mars, Blue Mars seems highly focused on the community and customization aspects of MMOs, with avatar creation mentioned prominently in all the game's press releases. It will be demonstrated at this week's E for All Expo in Los Angeles.

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mighty_douche4022d ago

..who will start using the cry engine, and rightly so.

Radiomorph4022d ago

Project Entropia will end up on CryEngine 2 too if I got it right.

Blood_Spiller4022d ago

More CryEngine 2, less Unreal Engine 3!!

mighty_douche4022d ago

while the Unreal engine is a great piece of software. i think it lacks alot of physics and to be honest ive had enough of playing as some 25 stone beefcake bloke. one reason why Bioshock impressed me so much, not the game itself but what they achieved with that engine.

obviously tho, Unreals engine will always reign supreme as it easily suppots multiple platforms, where the cry engine is currently centred around the pc.

socomnick4022d ago

Way too many mmo's out now I personally think they are extremely nerdy.

Rooted_Dust4022d ago

MMO's are for online players who want more depth and interaction than a typical deathmatch style multiplayer game will give them. MMO's give you something to build on, where in other games the only thing that you can build on is your stats. This isn't D&D. Not everyone is Roleplaying and acting like they are "actually" living the game.