Yoshizumi quiet about Tales of Graces F Wii, says we’ll receive news soon

Makoto Yoshizumi wouldn't discuss the Wii version of Tales of Graces F in Nintendo Power, but did say that news about the game in general is on the way.

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Smacktard2731d ago

Maybe an upgraded version will be released in NA on Project Cafe?

PlayerX2730d ago

Can't wait for this game.

Infernostew2730d ago

Graces f will not come to wii since there's no way they could back port with the future arc and all the extras from the ps3 version. It's more likely that they'll release Graces for wii but it would probably be a better business decision just to release the ps3 version alone.

PlayerX2730d ago

Umm.....You do realize the original game was a little over 3GB's right? I personal don't care because I will get the better version, but I fail to see how going multiplat is not a better business decision.

Naruto_Uzumaki2730d ago

i don't care if it on the wii as long it on the ps3 to

Inception2730d ago

Ok, so where in the hell Graces F release date for US?
i thought Namco are busy with Tales?
but until now, i'm only seen Xilia news...

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