Lost Planet confirmed for PS3, but does anyone care?

Lets face it. Losing Monster Hunter 3 to the Wii of all things was a slap in the face to long time fans that have been wanting to see what these monsters in this survival game would look like rendered by the PlayStation 3.

People got pissed off, Capcom said lets see how you feel next week .. and that next week is finally here.

Question is, do PS3 owners care?

Sevir046028d ago

i wont bother my self with this. maybe if it was LP2 but it isn't

icdedppl6028d ago

ugh, lost planet? who cares! give us back monster hunter 3! i would rather take a wii port of that than play lost planet (again).

JsonHenry6028d ago

I don't because Lost Planet was horrible. Dialog, gameplay, the story.. the only thing it was good at was visuals. But that only carries you so far.

Real Gambler6028d ago

I've bought Bioshock and Orange Box for my PC, but this one wasn't available... Maybe just a rent on my PS3 though...

sagapo6028d ago

@Json Henry; i agree with the story and dialog bit from Lost Planet, but i believe the gameplay was as good as it was for this kinda game. I liked it anyway...

Razzy6028d ago (Edited 6028d ago )

I'm not interested in Lost Planet. I would definitely be interested in Dead Rising though, and I think many others agree. Someone should tell this to Capcom.

marinelife96028d ago

Mark me down for the don't care crowd. More developers need to realize waiting a year on timed exclusives to release your game on another console makes people lose interest and they get distracted by newer more fascinating games. Epic is going to make the same mistake with UT3 when it finally releases on the 360 in about a year. 360 fans will be salivating over something else by then and will care less about UT3.

Omegasyde6027d ago

i would of rather took viewtiful joe, dead rising, Marvel vs Snk/Capcom or even a new megaman game over any other game over Lost planet.

Instead of dropping PS3 "megaton bomb"....

They dropped dogpoo. Wow talk about misuse of Hype.
Atleast Streetfight 4 MIGHT BE GOOD. Last 3-d street fighter sucked.

UnasFortuna6027d ago

Would agree with most that Capcom could have had bigger news with such hype that was put out. As far as Lost Planet goes... not sure what all these extra characters and 360 Downloadable content is about...just played the single player game and never downloaded extra content... only remember some extra maps being released on 360 though...could be wrong. It was a decent game for its genre and time... but it is a year old. Will I buy it again for my PS3... more than likely just to support the PS3 and those developers who develop for it. Wouldn't mind going through it again.... would have to support rumble though on the controller. Yes, I am one of those people who think rumble adds more to a game.

MikeGdaGod6027d ago

add me to the don't care list for Lost Planet

this can't be the bombshell

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Bigmac5736028d ago

Capcom screws the pooch once again.

BLUR1116027d ago

the hell dead rising was real cool but its a sandboxgame that u just mess around its fun at first thats it thou, lost planet was good

Scythesean6028d ago

Nope, give me zombies or stfu capcom!

Quickstrike6028d ago

Capcom give me mechs or give me death

Vip3r6028d ago

I've played the demo and the game sucks imo.

gamesR4fun6028d ago

Bet they'll try and go 3d again and totaly mess it up. If they do go 2d it better b a cheap dl from psn tho.
Has for lost planet like I care about a year old game that played like crap...
Capcons gone to the dogs IMO Just another company looking for a quick buck with minimum investment ie the reason they put MH3 on wii less work (heck I dont think theses guys can make a real next gen game)

JsonHenry6028d ago

I WOULD say that as a blanket statement -

But games like Resident Evil and Dead Rising prove they still have it. Capcom has always released crap alongside greatness the entire time they have been around.

Love them for the good titles, don't waste your money on the bad.

socomnick6028d ago

Lost planets pretty fun guys I rocks with a good surround sound and a nice hdtv. Take it for what it is a action game nothing more nothing less and you will enjoy it. I personally think all of capcoms titles are quality Dead rising was amazing , resident evils are awesome, lost planet was decent, dmc is also awesome. Don't really care much for their fighting games though not my favorite genre.