Capcom Open To Okami, God Hand Sequels

Fan demand could see a return for much-loved Clover Studios games, says Okamiden producer.

Okamiden producer Motohide Eshiro says Capcom is open to the prospect of sequels to Okami and God Hand.

Speaking in an interview with Gamesradar, Eshiro was asked whether the Okami series would continue following the imminent western release of DS title Okamiden. “That’s going to depend a lot on the reaction of the fanbase,” he said. “The game’s been out in Japan for a little while, and we’re pleased with the reviews – users seem to be very happy – and sales are healthy

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Dart892735d ago

I loved God Hand and would love a sequel to it.

Pikajew2735d ago

Wont be the same, you need Clover Studios to make a great game.

Venox20082735d ago

If they would make proper God Hand sequel I am gonna shit my pants! :) first one was one of the best games I've ever played... sooooo fun game! :) adrenaline pumped, like most of clover/platinum games titles ..

btw: how about new Viewtiful Joe ???!?!? :)

cowkimon2735d ago

Ha! God Hand... So ridiculous and hilarious.

TheColbertinator2734d ago

Since Clover is gone,I could care less what Capcom is working on.They should stick with releasing 4 versions of Street Fighter 4 next year

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