Visa issues statement on potential PSN fraud

The statement, issued to MCV, confirms that any card holder who is subject to fraud will get their money back, "subject to terms and conditions

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rabidpancakeburglar2736d ago

Well that's good news, I'm sure that the terms and conditions won't be too harsh

Buff10442736d ago

So long as the card holder has debt protection he or she should be ok.

jahcure2736d ago

you are QUITE wrong. Debt protection does not guard against fraud.

Any purchases made with ANY major credit card is covered 100% against fraud. You could buy a flaming bag of dog poop and later find out it was a flaming bag of horse poop and visa would refund you 100%.

I purchased a laptop that was supposed to have a 120gb hdd and only 100gb showed. Visa refunded the entire cost of the laptop since compusa didn't want to refund partially.

You guys would never have been worried if you actually took the 5 mins to read what credit card protection covers. Same goes for debit card purchases if you use it as a credit card (ie do not enter your PIN) for purchases.

Active Reload2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

I wonder if the fact that if you decide to just cancel your credit card completely, it will affect your credit score--has been mentioned?

bakagaijin782736d ago

jahcure is right. Everyone who has a credit card is completely safe from unauthorized purchases. If there is a charge you didn't authorize you just dispute it with your CC company and you'll get the charge reversed.

The real victims of credit card fraud are the companies and businesses that unkowingly accept your credit card for a fraudulent purchase. They end up being the ones out-of-pocket, not you or your CC company.

jack_burt0n2736d ago

Lol was it like the hdd had some restore functions on another partition or was it showing 108gb

Buff10442736d ago

Well I'm just fine. Can't say the same for everyone else. ;)

jahcure2736d ago

yeah, had a funky partition that showed itself when i did a restore. I still have the laptop btw.

It's not my fault they partioned it and it wasn't visible under explorer

CaptainMarvelQ82736d ago

how can you tell the difference?

aquamala2736d ago

Is your time worth nothing? You would have to find the fraudulent charges and call the cc company, if it's a large amount it'll take time for them to investigate. Oh and for those of you that haven't cancelled yor card, the fraudulent charges can show up anytime now til your card expires

ezcex2736d ago

Larger animals make larger shits.

CaptainMarvelQ82736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

No shit!!!?

Zydake2735d ago

Oh wow its time for the !!!!



B1663r2735d ago

"Subject to terms and conditions"

Otherwise man up, give your bank a call and pay the fee for a new cc#.

kyl2772735d ago

"I purchased a laptop that was supposed to have a 120gb hdd and only 100gb showed."

thats how HDDs are, they always have less than advertised


Darkfocus2735d ago

it's not 100% they cover up to a certain amount of money for fraud,the amount depends on which bank your with...

f7897902735d ago

Jahcure obviously you know nothing about computers. Good god. I can't believe you actually got that refunded.

zag2735d ago


Buff is correct, you need the right level of card and then your bank has to allow for it.

Also depending on the country/laws, a bank doesn't always have to provide it.

Visa can say what ever they like but it'll be up to the bank if it's fraud then they hit up Visa about it.

The ADs will say any old stuff just to make people think they have all this stuff.

greatjimbo782735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

All credit cards are covered for fraud in the UK under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Check your online statements, and if you spot anything, contact your card provider.
They'll send you a new card and remove the charges, no need for a new pin.

Don't be surprised to see other fraudulent charges appear on future statements, as they may have been allowed for investigation purposes. Although in theory, you're not supposed to see them. But mistakes do happen.

Also, other charges may appear at a later date(on the stopped card number)because they're under an establishments floor limit. Again don't panic. These are not your problem. Contact your card provider to remove the charges, no need for a new card.

Debit cards differ in the UK. But you're still covered as it's a direct link to your bank account. It may take a bit longer to get the charges refunded, as the bank have to see if you are at fault for any of the transactions.
But, if there is an issue here? Clearly you are not at fault.

Sorry for the wall of text.

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HD_GAMER19892735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

at everyone down below you dont have to completely cancel your card. they just give you a new one. then you phone them and then activate it.

but yeah its still a pain in the ass this whole thing is but really its life shit happens.

Emilio_Estevez2736d ago

Of course they will, a statement is not needed from any financial instituation saying that fraudulent transactions will be re-imbursed. It's implied.

Kran2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

But what about the rest of the stuff? Like what if somebody tried to use my details for stuff? Somebody told me that could happen but I ain't too sure :/

SmokeyMcBear2736d ago

details.. like send you a letter?, send you an email? The only real thing you need to worry about when dealing with stolen information is your social security number, thats it. now unless you used SS number as your address, you have nothing to worry about.

moparful992736d ago

Thats what gets me.. . Everybody is flipping out about their personal information leaking but they don't realize that its information that gets published in PHONE BOOKS and is easily accesible online... Only your social security number is capable of being used to steal your identity... People are far too paranoid and let the fearmongoring get them in a tizzzy over nothing really...

SmokeyMcBear2736d ago

well having your credit card info out there sucks pretty bad. But its not the end of the world and only needs a phone call to cancel and get a new account number. Its an inconvenience and shouldnt have happend, but I've had my credit card info used that I didnt know about before, and it wasnt a big deal. Now SS number out there.. yeah.. thats gonna suck big time.

zag2735d ago

Well when you think about it.

To open a bank account.

I just need 3 forms of ID.

So when I have your Name, Address, birth date.

I can make up a pretend driver's license. #1 major ID

Then apply under your name for a home phone line #2 minor ID

Then use your name for a power service #3 minor ID

That's enough for 100 points ID.

I can then apply for a bank account in your name.

Then apply for a credit card under your name.

notice I didn't say what country because it wouldn't matter what country as I don't need your social security number for any of it.

And that is how people lose their ID to other people because they start up small and just hold off for a year or 2 and then start applying for other stuff.

Strange_Evil2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

I bet if Sony could they'd be willing to give anything to go back in time and just never remove other OS.... ----->'OTHER OS'<----- This is what has caused all the $h!t thats happened in the past 3-4 months. Now whenever I come to N4G, it's less about games and more about 'How the PS3 got hacked', 'Sony vs Geohot', 'Sony vs Anon', 'Sony PSN debacle'... The last 3-4 months have probably been more worse for Sony than the launch of the PS3 and this time it isn't even remotely related to gaming... Hope they come out of this hole fast.

Just want June to come fast so we can finally have some E3 gaming news. Maybe that will lighten the mood on this site cause as of now the whole industry seems to be going down the gutter.

Convas2736d ago

Couldn't agree more bro. I almost want Activision to announce the next Call of Duty so we can at least have something else to talk about besides everything and anything Sony related.

firetaw2735d ago

Welll technicly right now unless your PC or 360.... NO CALL OF DUTY FOR YOU!. thats basically it, and its really upsetting some people. so hang in there.

HeretoSpeakTheTruth2736d ago

you could be right in a way or if they could they wouldnt have put it in the first place because i am sure if sony could go back would they really put other OS again no i am sure they would have just removed it.

BlackTar1872736d ago

i don't understand the weak minded scared kids who think sony should have bowd down to the hacker community. I don't understand it for any company and i don't understand anyone who pushes for the silent roll over us mentality.
Have some back bone bad stuff may have came from it but that is no reason to stay silent and in the corner while people take advantage of you.

Being scared of repercussions is not a good enough excuse to act like a coward and let others do what they want at your expense

blackburn52736d ago

Exactly. If they gave in then every punk would think all they have to do is threaten you and you will give them what ever they want. I have dealt with bullies before. If you don't stand up to them they will continue to torment you. Sure you get cuts and bruises in the process but better then being a little pussy hiding from conferntations your whole life. BTW Anon, the hackers and their supporters are the biggest cowards of them all. They stay in the shadows throwing spitwads at Sony and running and hiding everytime it gets hairy. Proof? Anon asked people to boycott Sony's stores. A few people showed up. Why? Because it is easy to talk big from behind a computer but in the physical world their are riot squads, tear gas, stun guns, security guards and jails. Cowards always show their true colors. So I say to Anon and Geohot supporters, why went you at the protests or the court cases if you feel so strong about this? Or where you wearing invisibility cloaks?

Strange_Evil2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

They could have handled the situation a bit better. They went in all guns blazing after GeoHotz from day 1.

The PS3 was never fully cracked when GeoHotz found the first exploit via Other OS. It was an inefficient and impractical method of as they term 'jailbreaking' the PS3 as it involved installing Linux and what not. At this time, GeoHotz was in his so called 'retirement from hacking'. If Sony would have played it's card correctly, they could have just left it there... Banned a few consoles who jailbroke using 'Other OS' and sanity would have prevailed. Hell the latest shipping model 'Slim' wasn't even Other OS compatible.

Instead Sony got paranoid and started suing any Hacker in sight, removing Other OS and being vocal.... Look I ain't saying Sony not removing Other OS wouldn't have the hackers going after them with pitchforks, but I can 100% guarantee you that the situation would have been much more better than it currently is. Sony could go out of the industry if money is withdrawn from any credit card as the compensation of probably >10 million credit card can be huge.

Hackers are nameless, faceless people who can fu*k you if you piss them off. Apple knows it with it's iPhone, Microsoft knows it and Sony learned it the hard way. You have to deal with them tactfully. Sony's intention was right but the execution was too flamboyant.

artynerd2736d ago

Yet here you guys are, adding heat to all these articles... want me to Google "irony" for you?

Glad I own all 3 consoles and swear allegiance only to GAMING and not any corporations.

firetaw2735d ago

well good for you but dont say people will replace there game library at the chance the console company makes them angry. i put my eggs in one basket and i dont mind it. at least i can reuse the tires ive bought from my old car.
[i know that not a great example]

ComboBreaker2735d ago

If you just stay silent and pretend you don't see the bully, the bully will stop beating you up.

zag2735d ago

This doesn't come from Sony removing OtherOS.

This comes from people who are hacking the PS3 and the PSN so they can get free games.

Which then allows hackers to openly pass this info around who then allow the people who are after your money the means and way to get to it.

This is the reason why hacking has become illegal, as people abuse it for their own purposes.

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WooHooAlex2736d ago

Good news, I guess.

This whole situation is getting pretty annoying tho.

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