Capcom Mystery Countdown Finally Revealed

This is a live report just released from Capcom Gamer's Day in London. Street fighter 4 is curently in production as well as Lost Planet for the PS3. Here is the full list of announcements.

Street Fighter 4
Development has just begun and the release of the game is more than a year away. No platforms are yet confirmed - a highly stylised animated concept trailer of Ryu and Ken fighting was shown, but no game footage.

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
A new character and new series starring a rookie lawyer. Phoenix Wright makes an appearance but is not the lead character. Made specifically for DS.

Lost Planet (PS3)
Avaialable early next year and will include all bonus characters from the PC version and extra downloadable content from the 360 version making it the complete package. Made possible with Blu-ray. 16 player online over the PSN.

Dark Void
A new sci-fi action-adventure IP. Trailer showed third-person and air-vehicle gameplay with a character wearing a steam punk jetpack, skydiving and landing in the cockpit of a gyroscopic aircraft, and then jumping and climbing through airbase fortesses.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD (Xbox Live Arcade)
The game will feature a spectator mode and is scheduled for a 2008 while the team try and get zero lag for the online mode. Also features stat tracking and widescreen. Original music from Street Fighter 2 will be used, plus remixed versions of all those tunes.

Wii Love Golf
From the Everybody's Golf team comes a cutesy golf sim, that looks slightly more technical than the PlayStation versions. Players can fade or draw the ball by twisting the Wii-mote when taking a swing.

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DrPirate4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )


My 360 friends, is Lost Planet worth picking up?

Edit: To clarify: THe Megaton is not Lost Planet PS3, it's FRIGGEN STREET FIGHTER 4 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SF4 THE DAY HAS COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I thought Bionic Commando was friggen awesome, Fapcom for the effing win!

predator4019d ago

its good and its bad, put it like this, graphics are good, story line is ok, controls are a bit messy, and could of been longer. just depeneds if u wana play a year old game

Violater4019d ago

so it's totally up my alley
Played the demo in Circuit city for the 360.
I thought it was cool
It rumbled. :)

Gina-get-u4019d ago

I liked it a lot. I'm easily pleased by shooters, but I won't hesitate to recommend Lost Planet to anyone. I think most people will enjoy it unless they've become too jaded.

JsonHenry4019d ago

I personally did not like Lost Planet at all. The controls were sloppy (could be better for the PS3 after all the complaints on the 360 version) the graphics were TOP NOTCH though.

But the game itself was, to me, not fun to play in the slightest.

The other announcements seem really cool. Street Fighter 4 might be good... if it goes back to being 2D!!

sonarus4019d ago

agreed with what the other guys said. Played it when it 1st came out and gave up about halfway. Gets really boring after a while i thought the controls were ok but jst got bored after a while. I really liked the concept of having to get those orange things to stay warm or else you would freeze and die. I could give it another try on ps3 if they improve graphics and d rest of the other things dat were flawed but even thats still unlikely. Gimme a demo let me see how i feel about playin it a second time capcom and then i'll knw

JasonPC360PS3Wii4019d ago

It's...well...kinda broken with some fun things, is all I can think of when it comes to Lost Planet.

smturner684019d ago

I can tell you, that it's better than most ps3 games currently. Who cares if it's 'a year old game'? I am just now getting to Half Life 2(orange box) for the 360 and I am having a total blast. Comments like that from Predator are just taunts. The game is good!

dantesparda4019d ago

Im playing the game now and its pretty good, its kind of a throw-back to an earlier time in gaming, but that's also whats good about it to me. I dont think the controls are that bad. They can seem kind of strange at first, but once you get used to them, they are fine (well at least for me they are). The graphics are actually pretty good, even today and the anti-aliasing is some of the best I've seen on the 360. And @ Predator, what's this sh!t about its ok if you wanna play a yr-old game? What are you saying? that games are only good when they are 1st released? And i dont think the game is too short (then again i dont wanna spend 30-40hrs playing a game!) However, i will say, that the worst thing about the game to me is how incredibly slow your charaters is, and he's running! And i cant get the game to either find people online or even connect without some connection failure happening.

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Bloodmask4019d ago

that this is perhaps one of the biggest announcements in video game history. Street Fighter is the king of fighting games. Street fighter 3 was made almost a decade ago.

Street Fighter 4 "Return of the King"

MK_Red4019d ago

As much as I loved this news and the Street Fighter games, I've got to disagree with out.
This is indeed a huge announcement and Street Fighter 4 news is awesome BUT Street Fighter is NOT the king. Mortal Kombat is the king (Back to arguments of Arcade era). MK FTW!

(Sorry had to post this because more than anything, I'm a MK fanboy.)

sonarus4019d ago

Street fighter was the shiznit when it 1st came out on snes but i have to admit mortal kombat took their shine away when they came out with MK2. The fatalities and all that did it for me. Street fighter is still a solid game i jst hope they do a lot better with it than they did with street fighter 3

Panthers4019d ago

Too bad mortal kombat started to suck after MK2. When they added the combos it all went down hill. The new MKs are only about combos. If just attack, you attack super slow...

MK_Red4019d ago

Panthers, you say MK sucked after MK2. Then I ask, what happend to Street Fighter after SF2? It DIED. SF3 bombed badly and Capcom stopped making new SFs and started rehashig, remixing and in common language milking original Street Fighter 2 with all kinds of different versions.

At least MK tried to continue and bring new stuff. True, it never got near MK2 but at least they tried and didn't fail (MK6:Deception got 8.5 from GameSpot won most of best fighter of the year and E3 awards and MK5:Deadly Alliance did so to a lesser extent).

socomnick4019d ago

You guys are all wrong the king of fighters is killer instinct.

FirstknighT4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Actually your wrong, Street Fighter 3rd Strike was the best in the franchise. But I also like Mortal Kombat. I still play Armageddon once and awhile. Still kinda cool to see that choose your character screen and see EVERYBODY. I was dissapointed with the Fatalities tho'. Oh well, can't wait for a next gen MK.

MK_Red4019d ago

FirstknighT, I personally like SF3 3rd Strike but many people hate it and the SF played by most is still SF2.

But I totally agree with you on MK: Armageddon's fatalities, they sucked pretty hard because they were not really fatalities. They were cheap finishers devs put in the game instead of making real fatalities for each character.

Genki4019d ago

4 was easily the worst of the series, but wow...was DA - Armaggeddon ever a trio of disasters. 3 was the last great one IMO.

I actually never played SF3, but I loved the alpha trilogy, especially 3(GUILE FTW!).

Sad too, I WAS a die-hard MK fanboy myself, but my loyalty ultimately lies with quality, which is something the series failed to have starting with and ever since 4.

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chester4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

so PS3 owners are supposed to be greatful for another port of a year-old game?
street fighter 4 is going to be multi-platform, that's a given. it will be fantastic and i can't wait to play it, of course.
nothing on dead rising to ps3 or a sequel for anyone.

color me underwhelmed as a ps3 owner, happy as a 360 owner.

lonestarmt4019d ago

don't fret! this might not be the whole thing!! IF you go to that webiste or to Gametrailers the counter is still counting down, so maybe there is more to come tommorrow!! if so, dang capcom...

MikeGdaGod4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

no Dead Rising :(

i really don't care about Lost Planet. wasn't all that great imo

Kleptic4019d ago

totally agree with you guys...

Lost Planet was not a very impressive anything imo...I didn't miss it on the PS3 in the first place...only thing I was hoping for was either Dead Rising being ported...or Dead Rising 2 being announced for the 360 and PS3...

yay lost planet with extra crap...its still an average TPS at best...and Warhawk completely destroys it online anyway (the single player part of Lost Planet was the part that recieved the most criticism in the first place)...SF 4 I guess is cool, but I grew out of that with the death of the SNES...

only thing Capcom has my attention about is RE5...

jackdoe4019d ago

Well, they don't really need to announce Dead Rising 2. You know it is coming and you know it will be multiplatform. It is pretty much a given. Just like I knew Lost Planet would come to the PS3. What I do want are resurrections of franchises long thought dead like Bionic Commando, Street Fighter, and crossing my fingers here, Megaman Legends.

Kleptic4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

^^^^ agreed...I just meant I would rather hear about DR 2 than anything Lost Planet...

although this is most likely it; I truely hope this is not the big news for PS3 owners they were barking about last week...thats all I was getting at...they can keep Lost Planet...not going to touch it...

a new megaman would be great...and Bionic Commando shots should be available tomorrow or Friday...which are rumored to be awesome...can't wait for that...If SNK made a new version of Guerilla War...that would complete my old game resurrection list...bionic commondo and guerilla war for the NES were all that was left...

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lonestarmt4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

heck yes! is it in 2-d or 3d? I hope its still 2d!!

Agriel4019d ago

well its nice for the PS3 that its a "full package", don't know if "MEGATON" is the correct word for it tho. SF4 being made is cool and maybe Dark Void will end up being cool too