Games Radar: Half-Life 2 - Better on PC or PS3/360?

Games Radar: "The Orange Box finally brings Half-Life 2 and its wonderous litter of accompanying titles to Xbox 360 and PS3. But does it match up to the PC version? We thought we'd have a look, comparing the 360 and PC editions for visual quality. Here's the results.."

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THC CELL4020d ago

pc looks better

cant wait too see Ps3 Vs

marionz4020d ago

if they think color on the 360 isnt as vibrant as the pc version then it will be interesting to see what they think of the ps3 version considering color is always more muted/muddy on the ps3

HarryEtTubMan4020d ago

Its known PS3 has a much larger color palette than the 360. Go look at Ratchet and clank... I think you mean the PS3 is less shiny maybe?

Mike Ox Big4020d ago

Who cares? it looks fine (for an old game) and it's fun

JsonHenry4020d ago

For a game that is going on 4 years old it still looks damn good. And on my PC I have everything set to max @1080*1050 and it looks better than anything that has come out on the consoles to date.

andy0014020d ago

I always wonder when these articles claim that you can see the colours being more 'vibrant' how they have calibrated their displays.

It is unlikely that they are comparing them on the same display and even if they are, the PC will have many more colour options to consider.

I suspect the 'assets' or artwork, will be exactly the same for all versions and it is really framerate, resolution, and loading times which differentiate the versions.

If you don't calibrate your display with something like the Avia or DVE discs, then you have no idea what the proper colours should look like, IMHO.

saltinekracka204020d ago

The 360 version looks and sounds awesome on my 52in hdtv. I love it and that's all that matters.

nasim4020d ago

and laggy. Their seems to be much lack of color in x360 version. PC version is wayyyyyy better. I am waiting to see the ps3 version . I think ps3 version will match the PC version

icechai4019d ago

I love my ps3 but you do know EA is handling the port from PC to PS3 right? :P

2Negativecool4019d ago

Mindless sheep that actually give into this BS. PC vs. 360 vs. PS3---Jesus christ why not just make the headline of the story “We need hits to keep our jobs” because that’s what I’m getting from the tools at games radar. Another title should be: “Surprise!! Superior hardware looks better than a 2 year old console!”
This moron’s comparison is almost as asinine as posting something like-- “Comparing our 47” LCD HDTV with 1080p 120Hz, 20,000:1 contrast ratio, and 1ms response time with our 25” CRT with bunny ears, we discovered the 25” TV’s colors weren’t as bright”

This is just some useless attempt by some pindick over at eurotrash gamesradar to get some hits on the site. And it works!! Because of YOU!

For god sakes why in the HELL would PC ever look worse than either of the consoles??
It is simply the nature of PC hardware to always trump consoles because it constantly evolves whereas consoles are static throughout their life cycle. Also, PC hardware will never have the same $400 or $300 pricing sweet spot that consoles do, because high end $5,000 PC’s sell, thus PC games will always be able to see more detail with their rigs.

BUT--His arguments were just god damn weak. Even though the PC version should inherently be of higher quality than the 360’s, it is not beyond my eyes to see that those screens could have EASILY been doctored to exacerbate his point. Drab colors? Seriously? No $hit, for just another $1,200 I won’t have to “put up with” reds that just don’t pop the way they should?! Try getting a new display with a higher color gamut you god damn ass clown.

If you are going to make an arbitrary comparison of graphics capabilities at least have the god damn decency to come up with decent criticisms like “poor frame rates by comparison” or “character models obviously suffered” or “the 360’s texture capabilities sucked by comparison” or something like that. Not-- “We are trustworthy industry professionals with highly tuned critical eyes and only through our website will you discover the truth about the 360’s ass ‘colours.’”

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CaliGamer4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Some sites can nitpick, the quality loss between versions that are shown here are not worth an Alienware rig. Graphic whoring aside, the differences are minimal. I guess the real beauty is in the online experience on the PC......
I approved this, but unless you look really hard the differences are not all that apparent.

saltinekracka204020d ago

Unless you set them side-by-side, there is no way you would notice the differences. It's just a waste of everyones' time when these type of comparisons are made.

Robotz Rule4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Looks better.

darkequitus4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

funnily, that is what the article said. The point is you pay for what you get. And more importantly, you get a good game not matter what. I play game not count jagged edges or use colour charts against my 24¨ HD monitor or HDTV.

I will get the 360 version for the big screen impact

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FirstknighT4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

The only difference I see is that one can be played on a $350 system while the other is about $1500.

mighty_douche4020d ago

i forgot you can buy a XBOX360 and a HDtv for $350...

mirroredderorrim4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Or a $5000 system, like mine.

Edit: At first glance I see the lighting is more dynamic with the PC version.

Mecha1054020d ago

"Or a $5000 system, like mine."

Wow man you got ripped off big time.

mighty_douche4020d ago

screens are pointless for this anyway, you need footage to really show the difference.

i can play Episode 2 @ 1920x1080 full HDR, full AA and still get a minimum of over 60fps, console will be around 720p, some HDR, some AA. how can you even compare the 2?

mirroredderorrim4019d ago

Tell me how I got ripped off, guy.

I have liquid cooling going through both my GPUs and CPU respectively which are Nvidia 8800 Ultras and Intel core duo extreme (overclocked).
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A Killer K1 Gaming Network card.

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and finally Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi soundcard.

When I said I could play Crysis on high, I meant it. Comparing either an Xbox 360 or PS3 to my machine is laughable at best.
If you think I got ripped off, that's your opinion.

I have the money and credit score to make such ridiculous purchases.
So while you enjoy games games on the Xbox 36o or on a PS3 that can be enjoyed on a PC, I'll be the one looking at the same game with better graphics, if it's marginally better or landslide better.

But, anyway, yeah that's your opinion. I'm just using your opinion to brag I guess. =B

2Negativecool4019d ago


You got ripped off because you spent so much money on a PC regardless of what's under the hood. Congratulations, your $5,000 uber PC cerca de 2007 will be obsolete in 5 years, now go flex your e-penis somewhere else.

Skizelli4019d ago

Somebody has Small D*ck Syndrome.