Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 was a one-off

Speaking to Eurogamer TV about Naughty Dog's magnum opus, game designer Jacob Minkoff said: "Uncharted 2 was a once in a lifetime experience. You can't hope to have such incredible synergy of amazing people working together, creating this genre-defining product."

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Troll_Police4353d ago

So true, but if anybody can top it it's the Naughty Godz.

iamnsuperman4353d ago

I can see people being disappointed. Uncharted 2 was a beast but know for Naughty Dog is probably a hindrance. People are expecting perfection. I hope they do improve from Uncharted 2 but I am not going to get hyped just yet. From experience when I get hyped by a game I get disappointed.

Temporary_Name4353d ago

Yeah, I don't think UC3 will be able to top its predecessor even though it will be a great and polished game!

metsgaming4353d ago

well its pretty much a guarantee that the reviews will be lower. Doesnt matter if its better then uncharted 2 the average score will be lower. It happened with LBP2, its way better than the first one was and scored way lower. Yes the concept was brand new but it was an improvement and added alot to the game but still scored alot lower.

Anyway this game will be amazing day 1, hopefully collectors edition !

RedDead4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago ) doesn't work like that most of the time, see Portal 2 and well....Uncharted 2.

It's unfortunate but i'm skipping this for a while, BF3 (king of FPS is back) Skyrim, dark souls. I would prefere BF3 for online, and the other 2 will simply give me more play time per euro. While being great(Demons souls was one of my fav games this gen, Morrowind is on of my top games period.)

rdgneoz34353d ago

@metsb That's the sad thing about some great games. They improve on the previous games in so many ways. yet get shafted in review scores, while other games that are just rehashes of the same thing get high scores.

Anyway, can't wait to see what ND will bring to E3.

himdeel4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

For me the only thing I hated in Uncharted 2 was invisible walls and single paths to an objective in the single player campaign. I always felt like there were multiple climbing routes and paths in a number of sections in the game that a player should have been able to take but couldn't.

I recall several times falling 10 feet in one place in U2 only to die, meanwhile falling 20 feet in another section of the game an live just plain old sucks some of the adventure out of the game. Otherwise I hate invisible walls most when I can see past the wall but cannot move to an area. I rather a place be completely blocked off than be a tease :)

I understand they have to get you to a point to progress the story but with a game like Uncharted I just want to explore everything and climb everywhere...

Oner4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

Uncharted 3's score will do nothing to hinder my enjoyment of it. It's just like any other Mario game, Zelda, Gran Turismo or Street Fighter before it...I play it because I like the game. Not because of a score it has been given by someone I do not know nor care about.

I would only actually be a bit sullen about it if they don't include PS Move compatibility (additionally to the standard controls) with it...but you know they will! ;P

MerkinMax4353d ago

Such a great game that was light years ahead of the competition.

Heartnet4353d ago

True my only doubt is the timeframe in which theve created the game.

Sequels tend to get worse since people will buy it regardless cuz they like the story etc which means they have to develop faster and in effect can slack off since they know it will sell which in turn makes the game suffer :(

FACTUAL evidence4353d ago

UC2 is awesome, uc3 will be nothing short of it.

starchild4353d ago

Uncharted 2 was a truly fantastic game and I am sure that Naughty Dog are working hard on Uncharted 3 trying to surpass what they achieved with Uncharted 2.

I think most of us will be very satisfied as long as our expectations are realistic.

Rumor4353d ago

i hope the 3d wont take away ANY of the games quality...or have ANY reason for NG's to sacrifice ANY features in respect to 3d or im gonna be pissed!

but i have the ultimate faith in the naughty gods, they never let me down. ND FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSE BABY

NukaCola4353d ago

I think that even though Uncharted 3 will be better in every form possible, the media will still bash it. Uncharted 2 came out of left feild and really destoryed the meida with it's perfection, so bad they had nothing to say but positive remarks. I have seen previews and the comments start to flame out a bit. I wouldn't be suprised if Egde said the "shock and awe" of UC2 is gone and this is just another advenutre game - 7/10. But at the same time the online is looking to crush the competion with it's awesome new modes and full customization features. Plus the story and gameplay looks 100X that of UC2. And hearing MP to be as good as SP just makes me happy. I am not looking for a GOTY winner (I see Elder Scrolls getting that regardless, cause it's all the hype) but I am expecting the most intence experience this year with probably the best story in an adventure game and as always another platinum!

NukaCola4353d ago

" doesn't work like that most of the time, see Portal 2 and well....Uncharted 2."

But Portal 2 is what Among Thieves was to their first runs. The companies made something unique, then with it's 2nd game, mastered it to perfection. The media crushed down on LBP 2. It got good scores but the critisim was all the same. "Better game in every aspect, but it has no more shock value of originality. Same with Killzone 3 and God of War 3." That kind of merit can't apply. Bioshock 2 was a good game but got gigged for the shock value of Rapture to be gone. Well here is a damn news flash...COD has about as much shock value as Ben Stein and it still gets praise like no other. Double Standards all the way across the game sites.

rockleex4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

"while other games that are just rehashes of the same thing get high scores."

Especially since COD seems to get worse with each iteration, yet gets the same score each time. -_-"

"i hope the 3d wont take away ANY of the games quality...or have ANY reason for NG's to sacrifice ANY features in respect to 3d or im gonna be pissed!"

Actually 3D has allowed Naughty Dog to include splitscreen. >:D

xAlmostPro4353d ago

Agreed.. they want perfection. We all know that review sites will go crazy with low scores if there's even an out of place pixel lol.

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shadowknight2034353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

UC3 can certainly top UC2. Knowing Naughty Dog they've not only created another great story, but have found greater secrets that unlock the PS3's power so more amazing things can be done. Take split screen for example and the 3D implantation. Sure not many of us are into the 3D realm yet, but if ND says there gonna drop bombs @ E3 (and already so many details have been announced) I know for a fact UC3 will have so much features behind it that it will be the staple trademark game that doesn't just set the bar for this generation of games on a technological level, moreover, sets the bar for the next generation of consoles as well (or for that matter sets the bar for all the newest games in the next few years to follow).

BlackKnight4353d ago

"but have found greater secrets that unlock the PS3's power so more amazing things can be done"

Lol you sound like the PS3 is some artifact in Uncharted. Its 5 year old hardware. Anything that is done is only in the sense of what is being done with it's limits. People really need to play more than one platform.....

kyl2774353d ago

split screen is not something to rave about, you people take fanboyism to the next level

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

''Lol you sound like the PS3 is some artifact in Uncharted. Its 5 year old hardware. ''

And still 1st Party devs put in shame most of the 3rd Party Devs when it comes developing on PS3.

KING854353d ago

I second your opinion, though it may be quite a feat to accomplish. Quick question though, why do people have the need to do the whole "Naughty Dog" "naughty Godz" analogy? I understand the appreciation for the game and the developers; however I always find this analogy strange. Not bashing you, just wondering what was the purpose.

sourav934352d ago

This is because they are, in most people's opinion, the best ps3 game developer out there. The quality in their games have not (yet) been surpased by any console game. Hence, Naughty Godz.

FamilyGuy4353d ago

I'm pretty much POSITIVE they'll improve anything they CAN improve an make part 3 a better game BUT they "pushed the envelope" so far with UC2 that blowing people away seems impossible.

Some of the set pieces in UC2 are "greatest of all time" worthy, to pull that off again and while still in this generation of consoles would be insane.

But as people keep saying, if anyone CAN do it, it's them. They ARE the pioneers and have helped a bunch of other devs step their game up since UC2. It would only make sense for them to set the bar once more.

JLeVRT4353d ago

UC2 is awesome and tbh... CoD4 was a one off too.

showtimefolks4353d ago

great single player 10-12 hrs
online co-op
a great improvements from uc2 online
graphics as sharp as before or even better

and 10/10 from most sites this game will fix any problems people had with uc2 call it uc 2.5 all you want i fully expect this game to kick some major ass and win goty

its ND we are talking about if anyone can out do uc 2 its them

uc2 was developed in 18 months and that's a fact while uc3 is getting over 2 years imagine the extra 4-6 months

ajeben8094353d ago

I was unaware they had UC3 on a longer development cycle, where did you hear this?

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Reborn4353d ago

Well, lets see how they intend to do better than UC2.

MGRogue20174353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

I ❤ Naughty Dog (no homo)

Rumor4353d ago

with all homosexual regards intended my fine fellow.

bangoskank4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

@ ilikestuff

Goes to show the maturity level on here.

e-p-ayeaH4353d ago

As long their determined to prove they can do better there´s no reason to worry about.

Prcko4353d ago

oh i can't w8,i know that this game gonna be epic