IGN: $400 PlayStation 3 Confirmed

Just a few weeks ago we reported on rumors of the upcoming launch of a new, 40-GB model of the PlayStation 3 designed to compete this holiday season at a $400 price point. It was the FCC that originally let the cat out of the bag when it made public the documentation of its approval of a new PS3 SKU, but now Target seems to be providing all but an official announcement from Sony. GamingBits has secured a collection of pics of in-store bar-code scanners that list both price and show a clear 40-GB model designation. According to the blog, the UPC codes also match up perfectly, so the confirmation is a done deal.

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Sevir044020d ago

Sony just needs to get off the NDA and break the silence

solidt124020d ago

I agree. The word is out so make it official now or shame on you.

supermandead6664020d ago

It have to be the worst kept secret, just spill it out SONY.

Fighter4020d ago

Sony is bad at containing rumors. It will be here November or December. I also predict those 60GB units are going to be sold out and hard to find because the hardcore gamer will want the backwards compatibility.

40GB will eventually get backwards compatibility once Sony sells all the 60GB and 80GB models.

supermandead6664020d ago

It likely be in November with the Black Friday and all.

Whoooop4020d ago

and so IT begins!!!

(IT = take over) - just in case :)

Mr Marbles4020d ago

dont hold your breath pal, Sony has a long ways to go before they take over anything more than the third row. Everyone I talk to says they still will not buy it, not till games come out. Plus the grequent price drops just prove that holding out as long as you can with the PS3 is the best policy.

joydestroy4020d ago

you might wanna tell your friends that want full BC to grab a 60gig, because the 80gig won't be dropping under $500 anytime soon, considering it hasn't even dropped to that yet in the US. getting a 60gig for $500 is better than getting an 80gig for $500.

the 60gig is the better value of all the PS3 sku's, especially if you didn't own a PS2 like me.

Omegasyde4020d ago

MR Marbles why don't you buy one?

Is it because of games?

Like not having Gears of war, Halo 3, bioshock, and mass effect?
That really is only 4 games, in which I own 2 of. At 400, you are getting a cheap blu-rayer player, a new media center ready center, an unix running machine, + everything xbox does besides the ability to chat over games and custom music in games.

But guess what, it is coming plus more.

I am not attacking you, I am just suggesting that you can
Play beyond and jump in at the same time.

Anything but Cute4020d ago

I'm just not gonna do it, because that's not me. I'm a defender not an attacker. Show me a bully and I'll show you someone who's meant to go down. I hope PS3 can keep up the sales. I know they have a good chance in Europe and in Japan certainly.

$399 for a PS3 and Blu ray player is a great great deal.

I also expect 360 to keep up the pressure, Microsoft has a lot of money and trust me, they are willing to spend if the 360 gets in trouble.

Things can always change, this is why you don't get arrogant. It's a form of weakness to get arrogant. I'm not about to get arrogant just because PS3 had a good week in Europe.

Maybe I did at first, but I was just letting out some relief.

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The story is too old to be commented.