Capcom: Fortelling Their Plot

Onaxis writes: "On the official Capcom BBS, Sven made yet another post telling of their announcing future:

"You saw one announcement today at Gamespot.

You will see another announcement at the countdown timer on Wednesday.

You'll see a slew of other announcements/updates after the media embargo lifts on Thursday/Friday or so."

So, tomorrow, we get to see another big announcement, and Thursday and Friday we get to see even more".

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Anything but Cute5974d ago (Edited 5974d ago )

Todays annoucement was Bionic man or something for 360 and PS3. So it's not that big. Probably just announcing more games.

Jinxstar5974d ago

Bionic Commando was one of the Best NES games ever man.. or little girl.... Seriously though. I can understand if your young or whatever but I played that game to death. I'm stoked for this.

hazeblaze5974d ago

Bionic Commando was one of my favorite games back in the day too... But I'm not so hopeful of this remake. I definitely hope it's done well but it just seems like a tough concept to do well in a 3D environment (assuming it's fully 3D). The bionic arm was an easy gimmick to have fun with on 2D levels... if this comes off as feeling 'cheap' I'll be mad that they didn't do the game justice. But only time will tell...

skynidas5974d ago

todays announcement was bionic commando

joevfx5974d ago

bionic commando wasnt the announcment made that has to do with that timer in front of earth right?

Laexerias5974d ago

Yep in 2/3 Hours the Countdown will bring us a new Announcement.