Mario Party makes its debut on DS

Get ready to party as Mario and friends come to the Nintendo DS! The latest instalment of the classic party game series will have players of all ages and experience enjoying the unique features of the Nintendo DS.

Tap away at the Touch Screen and compete with up to three other friends or family members using just one single Game Card in Single-Card Play. Ensure to keep the party atmosphere lasting for hours and hours by grabbing your copy of Mario Party DS when it launches across Europe on 23 November 2007.

Join all your favourite characters from the Mario universe, including Mario, Luigi and Peach, as you steer them through five interactive game boards and attempt to track down five missing meteor pieces. With eight characters to select from and multiple game modes to enjoy, this really is one party not to miss!

The Touch Screen, microphone and buttons are all utilised when playing this game. Minigames have players doing everything from navigating a maze with the +Control Pad to turning a crank using the Touch Screen and blowing into the microphone to extinguish candles. These wacky and innovative games combined with polished colourful 3D graphics make this game a must-have for Nintendo DS owners.

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