PSW UK : Killzone 2 Co-op and Home Intergration

The magazine has an exclusive on Killzone 2 net play, and states it will definitely have an online co-op mode. As for other multiplayer options, HOME is going to be utilised as well as

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MikeGdaGod4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

can't wait

i'm not even a fan of FPS but this has sparked my interest

SonySoldiers4047d ago


The Halo-killer is imminent, the PLAYSTATION 3 WILL ONCE AGAIN RULE THE WORLD!


sonarus4047d ago

Online coop isnt really suprising would have been very dissapointing if they didnt have it. There is simply no excuse for a coop game not having online coop in this next gen era. Nice to know home will be integrated and cnt wait to get more details on the online multiplayer

Kleptic4046d ago

online co op really never interested least as far as story modes op in terms of team work during certain game modes...that is I like a co-op environment where you are co-op'ing against another team of real people, whom are busy co-op'ing against you...if that makes any sense...

online or off line campaign co-op is fine...but not having online hardly cripples the game fact if anything I would simply want offline, because I would only do that with people physically there...the online Co-op for Vegas was a big deal at the time...and I found it extremely w/ each their own...

However...I am hoping the past rumors of KZ2 online vs. stuff is true...Crap about fighting for control of a town, and the environment changes around you...meaning if its a helghast controlled area the weather changes and buildings look all boarded up and condemned...and the ISA stuff becomes more "earthy" and natural looking...that would be absolutely awesome...even though it really doesn't change much of the gameplay, it would really make team deathmatching far more involving...

the original Killzone was one of the only PS2 games worth playing...liberation carried that on a bit doubt guerilla will come up with some pretty innovative online content for their flagship...

pangitkqb4047d ago

Is going to be absolutely amazing. I look forward to this title more than any other.

Dmack794047d ago


pukka_p4047d ago

Online co-op is fine, certainly better than the deathmatch-style stuff, IMHO.

I would say that off-line co-op is much, much better. I think it's just more social... Sadly, the offline co-op mode doesn't seem to have been that popular over the last few years (I assume army of two may fix that).

Best ever - Baldur's gate dark alliance on PS2 (maybe other platforms?). It really was satisfying playing local co-op on the same screen, both running round trying to grab all the cash and items before your mate got them, then dying cos neither of you was targeting the enemies. This is the game that, even today, sets the standard!

LSDARBY4047d ago

Gonna be an awsome game

fopums4047d ago

User generated content? editing best kill videos? hmmmmmmm.......I shall ponder what that could be hinting at :D:D

so online co-op is a go, probably 2 player which is fine by me, KZ2 wouldn't feel as claustrophobic with 4 people bouncing around.

and digging the extensive clan support, but if it was at least as good as resistance's then I would be happy.