Ten PSP Gems You May Have Missed

Joystick Division looks at ten great but lesser known PSP games that deserve to be played.

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The Matrix4538d ago

Actually I think I've played all 10 of the PSP's gems.

metsgaming4538d ago

I will pick up Daxter at some point it's like $5 at gamestop so why not right ?

Emilio_Estevez4538d ago

Now I wanna check out Warriors, Catlevania and Crush...They all sound cool.

zeal0us4538d ago

powerstone collections was pretty good.

Close_Second4538d ago

Been waiting for Castlevania for ages...still a no show on the NZ PSN store. Sony, why won't you support the Go and release these games on PSN!!!!!

gersh4537d ago

What about Gurumin? I love that game.


The Enduring Legacy of PS1

The legacy of the original PlayStation endures - between its advancement of the industry, elevation of the art and making video games cool, PS1 stands as one of the most influential consoles of all time.

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anast30d ago

Great system, I still have one.

PrimeVinister30d ago

Me too!
I have an OG model and a PS One.
Of all the classic games on it, I end up playing PES 2 and F1 97 most though 🤣

anast30d ago

xD Nice. I get into Metal Gear on mine.

PrimeVinister27d ago

@Anast MGS is such a classic. I played it to death back in the day and beat it a few times recently.

I never had a DualShock back in the day so it was cool to FINALLY see the controller walk under Psycho Mantis' control. I also loved being able to easily walk quietly instead of the tapa tapa tapa on the D-pad 😎

PrimeVinister27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@anast also I was kind of hoping Psycho Mantis would read my card, see my PES save files and say "You're a sad bastard, aren't you?"

But alas, he doesn't.


Sony Purchases Audeze

This is big. Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (“SIE”) announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Audeze, a leading audio technology brand and pioneer of high-end gaming headphones. The acquisition will strengthen SIE’s efforts to continue innovating when it comes to the audio experience of PlayStation games.

Jin_Sakai31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Great get. Audeze makes probably the best gaming headset on the market which use planar magnetic drivers.

purple10131d ago

The new Sony headsets all use those. Coincidence?

darthv7230d ago

i have a feeling this was always the plan but Sony had to wait to announce this merger until after their new headsets were revealed.

Aussiesummer30d ago

And the worst usb dongles in existence, at least sony can fix that.

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Vits30d ago

Well, the good news is that their new headsets are probably going to be much better given how well Audeze is regarded. But it is a weird purchase, given that Sony is already a leader in the audio industry. So they could very well just apply their own knowledge and tech to improve their lousy gaming headsets instead of buying a competitor.

purple10130d ago

correct and it seems the best will only get better

mandf30d ago

Their headsets aren't lousy

GameBoyColor30d ago

Their gaming headsets are, all of them have been mediocre compared to Sonys actual line of headphones and even other gaming headsets. This is a big buy for Sony if it brings the quality of playstation headsets up.

Neonridr30d ago

if you think there's something special about the current lineup of gaming headsets available from Sony then you clearly don't have knowledge of other headsets out there. They aren't bad in the same regard that Beats headphones aren't "bad".

Not being bad doesn't make them good.

ChronoJoe30d ago

Not with planars though, which are becoming more and more popular. Audeze own a lot of proprietary technology related to their planar magnetic drivers. So I imagine that would be the primary motivation for the acquisition.

Bobertt30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I have bought the top model of the Playstation headsets for the PS3 and PS4 and while they all sounded great they were not durable and the cheap plastic always broke. Hopefully this acquisition leads to more durable headsets made of metal. I saw the new Pulse Elite they announced and i can already tell that bend they added will be the weak point where it will break.

jznrpg30d ago

I have the same headsets and they all look nearly new. It’s all about how you take care of your stuff really.

Bobertt28d ago

@jznrpg i took care of all my headsets only the Sony ones broke maybe you don't use them as much. I switched to Astro A50s because they were made of metal and they never broke.

OG_TK_Cole29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Having Good Audio is different than being Audiophile Greatness. Audeze is Audiophile Greatness, Which is something all companies in the Headphone business strive to be. SONY has always has Good Audio, but they were never what you call Scientifically Great. Being a Audiophile is a Science.