Marvel Preparing to Unveil New MMO

Dualshock Nexus: On Marvel's official twitter account there are a few tweets that mention a new Marvel MMO game in the works. Check out the screenshot below.

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Pikajew4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )



Treezy5044047d ago

Hell yeah! This will be great to see and hopefully it doesn't get canned like Marvel Universe Online did.

Kingdom Come4047d ago

There have been a number of cancelled Marvel Games that frustrated me. The Marvel Universe title among them.

The other was the unnamed Marvel fighting game previewed back in 2007 with destructible arenas and more, Gameplay at 0:35:

chidesd4047d ago

please be on PS3 please be on ps3. even cooler please make it cross platform please make it cross platform. think of the community if PC PS3 and 360 all played on the same servers.

Chevalier4046d ago

Use steam and make it cross platform with PC/PS3/Mac like Portal 2 would be awesome. Definitely would get it then and make a speedy x23 character.

GamingBuzz4047d ago

If its anything like Dc universe online.. count me in

ElementX4047d ago

Count me out. I canceled my DCUO because it was repetitive and boring, but I guess that's all MMOs for ya!

Dylken4047d ago

I'd be willing to check it out, hopefully we get some cross platform action happening.

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