Anonymous: We Will Attack Sony When PSN is Back Online

Anonymous has revealed that their next attack against Sony will be carried out when the PlayStation Network is back online.


The attack will NOT be against the PSN, just to clarify.

Anonymous will not do anything to disrupt the PlayStation Network.

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saint_john_paul_ii3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

then we will counter-attack.

we will find your irc chat, then we will over flood it.

and believe me its not that hard, when new anon is partaking in this. they open their damn mouths when they are not suppose to.

its time that real gamers take a stand in this.

Istanbull3646d ago

Why does the media give these attention wh0res more coverage? Didn't they brag how they were boycotting Sony but turned out that only 1 fat guy sat in a Sony store?

hiredhelp3646d ago

Thats what i was going to say about thanks.
seems they not intrested in the ppl after all just there selfish pathietic abuse cos they not getting what they want.

well boo hoo get a dummy.

Codeman4203646d ago

they are only hurting themselves with this they say they are hurting sony but in reality they are just hurting the consumer. the people they are supposed to be "fighting" for, but of course the consumer doesnt give a s*** about them so they are throwing a fit like the 10 year old children they are.

Sono4213646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

and i'm here to help!!
Here is their IRC chat.

Anarki3646d ago


Yeah, careful what you do logging onto there.

Sono4213646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

yea no joke, when I first went on there I just joked and said my friend is against anonymous and I said his PSN name and that night he got hacked and he had to recover it and when he did his friend list was gone! No joke his psn is holdeman7 ask him!

stevenhiggster3646d ago


And there you just said his psn name again, he's gonna love you.
I'm guessing you're not a safe bet to keep secrets lol.

Sono4213646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

lmao @steven but this time its on here, what are people on here gonna do to him? Besides maybe ask him if my story is true..

zeal0us3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Plz keep them(anon) over there on PSN don't bring them over here to XBL. Kinda weird they won't attack XBL or Nintendo network.

Personally I wish they(anon) would stop with the attacks and do something useful that could benefit the world or something. Attacking sony network isn't really getting them(sony) to seeing their(anon) side/point of view any better.

These attacks will just get the public(majority psn users) hating/disliking them(anon).

Varodor3646d ago

Anonymus spared us. Praise the gods, praise the Anonymus

Heartnet3646d ago

Hmm This is a nice gesture :)

llMurcielagoll3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

In this case I would like to say, thank you moronic 'cyber cultists' for ruining PSN for everyone of us for some stupid attention of yours...

I was thinking about buying a Swarm the game on PS store a few days back after I tried it.. When I finally decided BOOM no PSN...

I really hope them Japanese use their secret weapon which is their genius brains to strike those people down.

I just want to add one more thing, of course this is highly unlikely but I started thinking, I hope those hackers wont affect the Upcoming E3 for Sony.

@Varodor's disagrees, I believe this is called sarcasm which a lot of people don't get lol

Petro3645d ago

Anonymous cant even get their asses up from their chairs. I have pondered if I should start spreading anti Anonymous propaganda. Make a Facebook page against them called un-anonymous. Anonymous we DO NOT need your help! We can make our own decisions on what we support and what not!

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gamingdroid3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

"its time that real gamers take a stand in this."

You should really take a stand as a consumer first, because this isn't really just about video games.

That said, attacking company employees especially lower ranking ones is unacceptable. They aren't part of this and is just trying to make a living.

I don't agree with what Anonymous is doing, albeit not quite against all of it either.

MS hasn't violated my consumer rights, merely brought out a product that is restrictive and costly. If you don't like it, don't buy it.

It's not like you bought it, then features was removed.....

ziggurcat3646d ago

right - and as a consumer, you should exercise your freedom of *choice* and *not* purchase any sony products, rather than annoy the piss out of people who are just trying to use their PS3 to, you know.... *play games*.

SLLCKGT3646d ago

If you're so concerned about consumers taking a stand against BS maybe you shoulda done something when MS released the 360

zag3646d ago

Even though they were the ones to come up with many of the software warranty terms.

Like having no warranty when you tear the plastic wrapped around the box.

JohnnyMann4203646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

I have to disagree. Remember the RRoD. There is proof out there that MS knew of the defect andt refused to wait and fix it to beat other competitors to the street.

That said i wont be buying MSs next new system until it's been out for a year.

gamingdroid3646d ago

Why not just outright boycott their product?

Personally, I wasn't affected by it and think MS should have been punished albeit they kind of did, a billion dollars worth.

That said, I think MS did it right when they refunded people money for repairs and extended the warranty for 3-years. Sony when sued with a class action lawsuit, didn't refund anyone's repair money and only paid out if you had proof you bought the console.

In all of this, only Nintendo has had relatively solid hardware and treated their customers exceedingly well. Remember the Wii mote jacket! It was free to previous purchases as well!


I'm not sure I follow you, care to clarify?

ksoto3646d ago

No they sold faulty hardware that had a 68% failure rate at one point and they did aLL THIS KNOWINGLY SMH WAY TO TREAT THE CONSUMERS smh u have to be kidding me.

Kewl_Kat3646d ago

We didn't buy a PS3 because it had OtherOS. We bought it because it can play PS3 games and play blu-ray movies. Those features still exist, and that's why I don't see any reason to protest against Sony. I, however, protest what Anonymous is doing. Because they are, ironically, the ones preventing PS3 owners from enjoying their console. They're just using OtherOS as an excuse for their real motive. Remember when Sony removed backwards compatibility in new PS3 models? Anonymous never did anything about that. I thought this is about Sony removing features? You know why they're aggressive now? It's 'cause Sony is going after hackers. Sony went after Geohot, then there was also news they were after failoverflow. Backwards compatibility was more relevant and useful than OtherOS, and yet Anonymous didn't act on it. Now that Sony is on the hunt for hackers, all of a sudden they're "Robin Hood," supposedly trying to protect our rights. They're not Batmen, they're more like a bunch of Mermaid Men and Barnacle Boys; trying to act like the people's heroes when in fact they're doing the opposite thing. Oh and nice timing, too. These hackers try to harm a Japanese company, when right now Japanese companies are hurting. I'm not saying Sony is being oppressed, but there's much more companies out there doing much worse things. Why not go after Google with its privacy invasion concerns? Why not go after Apple, who the news just revealed that it has been secretly keeping track of people's locations using their iphones and people have no way of turning that feature off? Why not go after big banks who are still practicing the same greedy tactics that led to the US' recession?

lil Titan3646d ago

they're just pissing off GAMERS!!! smdh why dont they do something constructive with there time if there so smart to hit Sony. find the cure to aids or find an elixir for Lactose intolerance people to be able to eat and drink dairy products without having problems DAM

lee_ten3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

i really love how you're defending people who are ruining the gaming experience for others.

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Treyb3yond3646d ago

That's right, give them a taste of their own medicine until they leave us gamers alone!!

Thugbot1873646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

This website looks to be a fraud, trying to get hits. Anonymous in the past has been more boastful about its feats. They would have made another video and so on, to brag about their exploits. Before Sony came out and said they were dropping the case Anonymous came out and said they were backing up because they didn’t mean to harm gamers and were going to approach it from a different way. This harms gamers big time, plus GeoHotz is free.

Proof it's not Anoyn

Codeman4203646d ago

I know the site seems fake but if they truely arent planning something then they should probably say something about it. its only hurting them, so you would think they would want to try and fix their image.

Thugbot1873646d ago

@Codeman420 They did read the link above.

MagicGamer3646d ago

This is not confirmed and should be regarded as rumor. It looks like a Spam hit rocket fired from the middle of nowhere. One paragraph of BS and gets this much aggravation stirred. Amazing.

MagicGamer3646d ago

It's a paragraph of BS. Not one word can be verified. Should be regarded as a rumor at the best...if that.

JohnnyMann4203646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

I would hope they would stop trying to go after a friggen videogame company when there are so many more pressing and real issues at hand.

When they went after HB Gary for example, i held them in high regards.

Hey Anon! Sony let Geohot off easy! Let it go, it's're point has been made and you are pissing off a bunch of good ol honest gamers.

We are blaming you, not Sony, for this...that is if it isn't a fake rumor.

Zeevious3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

I don't think their point has been made because they are too stupid to know what it is!

Cue Bad 80's Game Show Music . . .

Next up on You Bet Your Hack :

GeoBrat open door number 3 after tricking donors to donate...and what do we have for his fabulous prize?

Why a SOUTH AMERICAN vacation!
That's right audience...paid for BY YOU!!!

Next, Annoyingus isn't sure is they should Boycott Sony, but 3 out of the FOUR members agree they should. The FOURth bought a Sony Bravia instead!

Now this challenging question for all those Anonymous fans. If they are trying to make some change at Sony, why exactly aren't they smart enough to instead be pissing off the fans, gamers, and looking absolutely pathetic with each attempt?

Need I say more?

You've made nothing but an embarrassing nuisance of yourselves.
Please, next time try to exceed your parents expectations and become slightly more than worthless stumbling idiots who don't seem able to hack their way out of a paper bag with an axe.

If you actually have any power WHY WASTE IT like this? Concentrate on issues that MATTER not some brat of an attention _ _ _ _ _ who cared so much for the cause, he fought for it - right to the end . . . of his settlement.

Codeman4203646d ago


50Terabytespersec3646d ago

Why do they keep covering this nerd boy rage!! Why don't they take this kids and send him to Singapore and have his fingers sewn together and throw him in some Chinese Ipad Factory and force him to do cheap labor teach him a lesson little wussss.

Zeevious3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

They are even more pathetic than they seemed before.

On this planet the human race is facing Wars, Hunger, Hate crimes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Nuclear disaster and an endless list of other issues THAT MATTER.

Every single event, attack or word that "Annoyingus" wastes over idiots like GeoBrat or the 'horrors that Sony hath wrought' shows them to simply be misguided self-righteous script-kiddies who couldn't hack their way into an HTML app' with root privilege.

We have a REAL WORLD here with real problems. Why are you all wasting your time doing nothing more than annoying everyone when all we want to do is play games?

Now go home, I'm telling your Mommy and Daddy what you've been doing.

Being absolutely _ _ _ _ _ _ _ worthless.

So . . . Looks like you lived up to your parents expectations after all.

Vherostar3646d ago

There losers who have nothing better to do than attack game services if they dont wanna bring down PSN then why they waiting for that service to come back up?? Who they trying to kid this is all there fault this is happened and the people the said they were trying to help have all but turned against them. They have gone from a large group to a few elitists now and thus easier for Sony to track them down. I hope they do find them and sue every last one of them for every single penny!

03213646d ago

Couldn't agree more!

CryofSilence3645d ago

Go to hell, Anonymous. This is dragging on too long, and you're just embarrassing yourselves.

jdoggystyyle3645d ago

lol funny watchin some of you big talk here on an n4g forum lol *cough* saint_john_paul_ii *cough* why dont u go into irc chat with anon and tell them that n4g tuff guy lol....u sony nut huggers are insane....did u not read what sony tried to do and is doing? You owning the ps3 console should b able to to ne thing u want to it..if u wanna take it to bed with u at night and lay naked with be it...its your ps3....if you wanna jail break be it...its your ps3....and for them to not only say that they pretty much all but still own the console you bought, that if you mess with it in anyway...they will come to your home and try to take your computers etc...its just silly. I support what anon is doing and i hope that wreck sony. Ive owned every PS console...including 2 psp's.
I now will go out of my way to make sure a brand i am buying does not have the sony logo on it.
F**k sony

demetre723645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

You suck and your lame ass comment is pathetic , to all of you anonymous hear my words Payback is a Bitch remember them cause soon you will find out what I mean

kreate3645d ago

what about attacking blizzard?
we dont own world of warcraft even if we buy it.
or microsoft?
cuz we dont own windows?

as for the ps3, u hav the option to not accept the firmware which removes the iOS.

Snake Raiser3645d ago

Some one needs to counter attack. I've had this idea for a while, we basically need an anti-anonymous network. They have been doing this stuff for a while, they stopped being a good, helpful organization a long time ago. Unfortunately for them, they have chosen to take on one of the only other large groups of people on the internet who are organized and computer smart. Gamers. Gamers are about the only people who have enough sites, forums, organization, and technological knowledge to take on Anonymous. We were here before the Anons, we will be here after them.

demetre723645d ago

We definately need to hit these bastards where it hurts the most ,

Zeevious3645d ago

You know I would like to see donations for.


For turning in any Anonymous members!

Names, addresses and just enough proof to prosecute.
$100 per loser.

If they donated just to let someone have enough of their own money to go on vacation, why not donate to take down the annoying morons who took down PSN and disrupted my PS3 gaming!!!

Sounds like a good plan to me, and will actually have a real benefit, unlike some "South American" "legal funds" we know of.

jdoggystyyle3645d ago


u mad brah?
sony nerd ragin? lol
come find me ill give u my HOME address
so i can beat ur ass and post some good pics on here for people to enjoy

morkendo233645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

these guys pissing me off now cant sign in psn, netflex or vudu on my ps3 now.

bloody bastards

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MintBerryCrunch3646d ago

people need to differentiate Sony, a multinational company and Sony Computer Entertainment

i honestly dont know who they are targeting at the moment, with this comment its as though it is SCE, yet at the beginning it was Sony as a whole

no company is perfect, but i've found it difficult to find comments that remain objective and ask questions instead of just making it a black and white issue

shikamaroooo3646d ago

ummm this is still going on anonymous need to grow up

Anon19743646d ago

Agreed. Going after employees families because some douche bag hacker - who settled, by the way - was being held to account for his illegal actions? So you're going to target families of employees who are just doing their jobs while douche bag hackers who break the law and take donations to fund South American vacations (until he got busted for it. You know if it hadn't leaked out he would have just taken that donation money and, paid for his vacation and thought "Suckers!") - these are the guys you're getting behind.

Why not take on internet child porn, or spammers rather then harassing innocent employees just trying to make a living and their families? I have zero respect for these assholes.