Popcorn Arcade Roundup: Eurogamer Review Scrapes a 2/10

Eurogamer writes: "These games were rotten even before they had a chance to infect the Wii. Of course, there's nothing intrinsically wrong with releasing low budget, mid-range software such as this. They provide a convenient outlet for teams with a little imagination but not the million pound budget to pull it off."

"However, there's a distinct demarcation between cheap and cheerful, and exploitative and awful, and the Popcorn Arcade titles are sitting so far, far over on the wrong side of that line that we can't even see them without a telescope. This review highlights four games that achieve the latter so expertly, I had to scrub my skin with a Halo 3 box immediately after writing this in order to get rid of the stink."

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MK_Red4017d ago

Wow, 1/10 for that Wii game is kind of an achievement.