Breaking News: Bionic Commando Returns!!!

Could this be Capcom's Earth Shattering announcement?

"Released in 1988, the original Bionic Commando introduced a novel grappling hook mechanic into a stagnating side-scrolling 2D platformer genre. While the Capcom-developed game was highly regarded (and even named as one of GameSpot's Greatest Games of All Time), the franchise has been dormant outside of a 1992 Game Boy version and a 1999 Game Boy Color pseudo-sequel.

That's about to change, as Capcom has revealed to GameSpot that it is developing a new Bionic Commando game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Simply called Bionic Commando, the new game will bring back the original game's hook (pun intended), with players able to use the main character's bionic grappling arm not only to navigate levels but to take out enemies at close range, rappel down sheer surfaces, or toss objects (like cars) at enemies."

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jcgamer6120d ago

Now that's what I call nostalgia...the game is beyond classic...hope they do it justice...

Evildoomnerd6120d ago

*Head explodes due to sheer excitement from unexpected cult classic revival*

Robeezy6120d ago

I know when i first saw this, it invaded my mind with such force...it felt like it was going to explode INTO the atmosphere.

TooL 3166120d ago

yea sounds good and all but i hope this is not crapcom big juicy announcement,im looking for a new ip or an old franchise coming exclusively to the ps3 otherwise i would'nt see the sense of calling out ps3 fans, just to announce a multiplat game.

hazeblaze6120d ago

My thoughts exactly. The only way that an old franchise made new could have been as exciting as they made it sound was if it were an exclusive... and even then, I would have had my doubts about this franchise. Not b/c I didn't love it as a kid... just b/c it's hard to imagine it being as fun & immersive in a 3D environment. They'd better do it right!

wageslave6120d ago

You should be happy they are giving 3rd party support at all. The abysmal sales of the console and the woeful attach rate, you should be a little more humble.

A bit demanding are you, sheesh.

Pain6120d ago (Edited 6120d ago )

So Capcon Takes a EXCUSIVE away.. Says well make up for it..... Then gives a multi-plat?????

epic fail capcon.....

ps. i sooooo called this lastweek lol :P

DrPirate6120d ago

While not Earth Shattering, and definitely not a megaton.

Those shots actually look.......................... ...Good

Athlon6120d ago (Edited 6120d ago )

I thought the announcement consisted about a PS3 specific game, at least according to one of the developers at capcom. This won't change anything about PS3 owners' attitude toward capcom. Can't say I'm not surprised it's multi platform as usual. PC? Who plays DMC4 and games like this on PC? That's a minute audience if you ask me.

mesh16120d ago

NO FAN FANBOYS MAKING THINGS UP a game mag was asked about capcom not showing love to the ps3or some stuff and capcom said wait and see from those words ps3 fanboys in my niew have psychotically made up this sony exclusive story as capcom wud never make a ps3 exclusive.

Sevir046120d ago

if this is to apease the PS3 fanbase with a Multiplatform game then thats just sucky. still it's good to see them reaching into the crates for stuff like this. making it next gen thats good.

CaliGamer6120d ago

What in the HE!! does this have to do with anyone appeasing the PS3 fanbase?
Trolls come out of every crevice on N4G, you are pathetic. Why can't you just be happy that a classic is being revived, a game that holds fond memories for all old school gamers.
Its people like you who take the quality of the comments on this site and drag them through the gutter. Thanks.....

xplosneer6120d ago

According to Capcom it would be huge, and make the PS3 owners feel better about them as a whole. Not making me feel much better.

Sevir046120d ago

i'll say this right now, lets not have a go with me, i highly respect the comments you make but dont cross that line and call me a TRoll. i'm far from it... this has everything to do because somehow this game was an answer to fans wanting to see a classic game go next gen. and thus it was announced. while it's cool to know that it's announced i was really hoping for an exclusive game. i can share my grief as to how while the announcement is great that Bionic Commander is being remade, it's not what alot of people wanted to here from capcom. especvially after PS3 fans were looking forward to a next gen version of that.

i really dont care if you may be displeased with what i said but it was no way at all trolling. i'll proceed to say that TROLLS and typically fall intothe category of idiots who have nothing better to do, and frankly i dont Troll. please take that argument to someone who fits that category like FirstKnight or Nasim, or Power of green. because i'm one of the few poeple thats on this site like yourself that posts and stay on topic. and i for one have a right to voice my happiness and dismay over letdown announcements on anything concerning games because it's my right.

because as it looks now. i;d call you a Troll for trying to bother be because you clearly have nothing better to do wither yourself rather than pick out the one line of my dismay and totally ignore the rest of my complete comment..

Sheesh people these days. have a good day caligamer Have a good day.

CaliGamer6120d ago (Edited 6120d ago )

While I do agree that perhaps the gun was jumped as to the content of your comment, there are a lot of people on this site that troll all news in an effort to shed some negative light on an opposing console.
Reading your comment again, the beginning was of it seemed very flame ridden, but I guess there is certain things that can be lost in the written forms of communication that make certain comments seem off.
As for your comment about not having a go with you, I am sure your a very eloquent writer and very good at getting your point across, but I am no slouch myself. Though this seems like an hones misunderstanding, if I did have a go with you as you put it, I hight doubt I would be on the losing end in the battle of words.
But since we seem to have the same love of games, all the above mentioned issues are moot. I will put forth a gentleman's apology to you for my apparent misunderstanding of your comment, my mistake. Take it easy

Sevir046120d ago

and no we wont have a go with either because we'd likely come to a stale mate. that being said the only thing i was upset about is the Troll comment. which is easliy over looked now. you take it easy and enjoy the gaming yourself.

Peace and if yuou happen to own a ps3 add me to your PSN

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