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(2:38) Dandr0id finishes Metro 2033 Redux
(12:12) Dandroid plays pronounces Lumo as Zumo. Or something.
(14:38) Jack McBastard finishes Horizon: Zero Dawn
(31:28) Jack McBastard plays Ghost Recon: Wildlands
(43:15) Discount plays ARK: Survival Evolved (and doesn't listen to directions)
(46:47) Discs, Downloads and DLC
(49:57) Switch Disappointments: Week 8
(50:41) Disappointment 1: Critical design flaw discovered in the left JoyCon
(54:05) Disappointment 2: Switch Dock hardware issues
(58:13) Disappointment 3: The Switch may already be DOA
(1:04:00) Bonus Disappointment: Dead Pixels
(1:05:10) Final Fantasy VII Remake may not be as close to the original as you thought
(1:12:56) Naughty Dog Co-President Christophe Balestra
(1:15:26) Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells
(1:21:27) Jason Momoa is a colossal nerd
(1:25:08) Final Mass Effect Andromeda details to excite us
(1:42:15) No Man's Sky Pathfinder Update (and Jack forgets the name of the Vy'keen)
(1:58:47) PS4 Firmware 4.50 (and more No Man's Sky)
(2:01:59) Valve's new tweaks to user reviews
(2:06:04) The Options Menu: Second Chances
(2:06:47) Second Chances: Conker's Bad Fur Day
(2:14:58) Second Chances: Bionic Commando
(2:23:48) Second Chances: Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazzard
(2:32:51) Indie Shoutout: Oxygen Not Included