IGN: Super Mario Galaxy Preview

The project amazes IGN every time they see and play it, and their latest hand-on proved to be no exception. They've written about the basics 10 times over, so with today's update they've focused on the beginning of the experience -- exactly what you'll do the first time you boot up.

americanGTA5888d ago

reason why i got a wii rite here....


Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 301 – Bask In The Host’s Glory!

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here, and it's the host's birthday! But don't worry, they'll talk news and Super Mario Galaxy too!

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15 Years Ago, Super Mario Galaxy Moved The Wii Forward

Super Mario Galaxy turns 15 years old today (November 1st, 2022) and its impact on the Wii as a console cannot be understated.

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15 years later, Super Mario Galaxy is still the series' most stellar entry

The Wii game occupied a tricky space for Mario, no pun intended, but Nintendo managed to leverage the software to deliver an absolute blinder.

shinoff2183393d ago

Its my least favorite. Points lost for the crappy 2nd player option to.

CrimsonWing69392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

I’m going to give it to Super Mario Bros. 3, but if I had to pick the 3D games I’d give it to Odyssey. That game felt like a love letter to fans.

But man, Mario 3 is really the apex of the series for me… I guess you could argue a case for World, but I always go back to 3 at least once a year.

franwex392d ago

The creativity in this game is astonishing. It’s not my favorite or must fun for me, but I cannot deny that it’s one of the most creative-outside the box games I have ever played.

Snookies12392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

I'd say Sunshine is personally my favorite. Though Galaxy would definitely take second place.

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