Battallion Wars 2 Trailer

A new trailer of Nintendo's cartoony RTS Wii game, Battalion Wars 2.

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alaaji4481d ago

If you like games with action and a little bit of strategy thrown in, this game is for you. While I never played the first one (never owned a GC), I am definitely picking this up. It has a couple of different online modes and should be fun kicking someone's but online.

ChickeyCantor4481d ago

you havnt played the first one?
shame on you XD

that game rocks and i recommend anyone with a N-Wii should get it.

kn4481d ago

Basically it looks a heck of a lot like a cartoon version of Halo but with more varied battles. It looks fun, fun, fun... The framerate appears to be high as well.

MyNutsYourChin4481d ago

This game isn't very well known even to most Gamecubers. If you haven't played Battalion Wars on the GC you might want to check it out before getting BWii.

I know I'm getting this one. It looks fantastic, the gameplay looks smooth, and I'm guessing the control scheme is going to fit in nicely. I may not get it right away but this will be a definate sweet potato for the Thanksgiving holiday.

cooke154481d ago

Ill be picking this up on launch for sure. Looks awsome!!

alaaji4481d ago

I would have liked to play the first one but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I saw it months ago for $5 but didn't get it. Now I figure that I might as well wait for the 2nd one.