The 30 most hideous gaming tattoos

Gamer help says: video games are awesome, but getting video game tattoos is awful, for the most part. We here at GamerHelp have compiled the most sickening displays of tattooed gaming love, and would love nothing more than to share these atrocities with you. Here we go, The 30 Most Hideous Gaming Tattoos!

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Captain Tuttle4489d ago

I was laughing and retching at the same time.

jaja14344488d ago

What hideous, o.k. maybe the male ones, but the women with Pac-Man...Come on it goes down towards her cherry!

And as geeky as it sounds, but hey this is a gaming site you can't really be anything but geeky, that girl with eh up,down,up,down, I must have her. And after that we must play Contra long into the night...

pilotpistolpete4488d ago

I'm surprised Peter Moore didn't make the list.

dachiefsman4488d ago

does this come under the banner of "news"?