Crash Bandicoot Cry Engine 2 screens make you want it on PS3

Gamersmint: A talented guy had created a mod using Cry Engine 2 which is a new Crash Bandicoot game, in full high-definition. We’ve got some great screenshots showing the visual prowess on offer.

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MidnytRain4785d ago ShowReplies(1)
darthv724785d ago

it should be more like: makes you want it in HD. Activision owns the rights now so for it to come out to PC 360 and PS3 would be nice.

unrealgamer584785d ago

Yeah he clearly did It for hit's, There's a method to his retardation

HolyOrangeCows4785d ago

Activision owns Spyro and Crash....yuck. Those poor IPs; they deserve so much better.

Plus, the SCREENS might make me want this specific mod, but the VIDEOS that I've seen make me say "no thanks"....as Crash runs about 1/4 MPH.

Theonetheonly4785d ago

It wouldn't run on ps3 Its cry-engine 2 not 3.

jon12344785d ago

wtf?? activision own crash now?? i hate them... they ruin alot of things

MaxXAttaxX4785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

I've lost faith on the "other" Crash games.

Only the Sony/Naughty Dog Crash games would be worth remaking in HD and those would be PS3-only.

Ri0tSquad4785d ago

"Sadly, Activision owns the IP rights now and that is highly unlikely."

You would know that the authoer does acknowledge that.

It's more of a "what if" type of thing since Sony has been leading in remake scene for consoles and most fans are familiar with it on the PS platform. The series was in its prime during those days when ND developed it; now the series is just horrible.

jony_dols4785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

For people who want more info, here is the mod's link:


zeeshan4785d ago

Why did Sony let go of the IP? You should never let go a successful IP! Imagine if GT4 was still PS3 exclusive. Yes, I know GT4 wasn't THAT great but still, would have meant a lot. Anyhow, I hope Sony's bet on AGENT pays sooner than later :)

MaxXAttaxX4784d ago

You mean GTA4?
That franchise was never PlayStation exclusive in the first place.

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BiggCMan4785d ago

In case anyone missed the link for the video at the bottom of the page, here it is. I almost missed it myself.


sourav934785d ago

Thanks. I actually DID miss it. Bubbles vote added :)

BlackKnight4785d ago

Holy shit, missed the vid!

I thought they just imported the model and other items and took screens. But they got a whole camera system, ANIMATIONS, same movement mechanics, etc.


Istanbull4785d ago

Thanks, I hope Naughty God takes back the crash IP and makes Crash 4(Activision versions not counted)

Elven64785d ago

Istanbull: Activision technically only did the iPhone cart racers. Mind over Mutant was something they partially published but that was more of a Vivendi/Sierra game than anything else since it came out a few weeks after the Activision merger happened.

I'm willing to give Activision a chance with their first "true" Crash game. The iOS games weren't bad and I think they reviewed well too.

starchild4785d ago

Ah mods...one of the joys of PC gaming.


Oh crap, it looks even worse in motion!

I'm not trying to downplay the work modders put into it, but mixing a photorealistic background with stilized cartoonish character and elements only make both things look like crap...

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Aussiegamer4785d ago

@xtremegamerage obviously the kids dont understand what the word ondagar is.

Used to love it when you jump on things and crash would say ondagar brings back great memories this game.


Is that english? Sounds like swedish or something... LOL

Serious question.

TheLastGuardian4785d ago

I want to see it on the Uncharted 3 engine. I would kill to have Naughty Dog make a Crash game for PS3.

50Terabytespersec4784d ago

Not awesome not impressive nothing here move on next story!
Go back to Legos

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Karooo4785d ago

Activision owns the IP. :(

Wish Sony could make it for PS3.

MidnytRain4785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

Hold on, *I* get bubbled down and hidden for being off-topic, but *you* don't? Your post is just as relevant to the subject as mine! I even got a bucket of agrees! I hate this system...

I noticed a large amount of people on this page have bubbles missing. This is getting ridiculous...

Aussiegamer4785d ago

@midnytrain, ok well you got the disagrees because the word is not random, that word was used in all the crash games, so you obviously never played the game or you should of remembered this.

Second of all you got the agrees because other kids clearly have not played the game either and dont understand the whole "ondagar" thing.

And thirdly yes the system sucks, I got marked for trolling in a ps3 article the other day when I was having a joke, and going by my comment history I love sony stuff, hey I even put /sarcasm at the end of statement. Eventually you just end up going meh. Kids love bubbling people down cause their little haters that love negative stuff, and the admins dont take the initiative to realize what comments are substantial and what ones are not.

omi25p4785d ago

@aussiegamer Ive played all the crash bandicoot games and i cant remember the word ondagar. That's doesn't mean i dont believe you but dont assume that everyone is going to remember specific words from a game.

Theonetheonly4785d ago


I went back up and bubbled you up dude. :)