How Crash And Spyro Went From PlayStation To Xbox

What does Microsoft's pending acquisition of Activision mean for Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon? How did Sony let them get away?

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NotanotherReboot151d ago

Sony more interested in remastering The Last of Us again instead of focusing on the classic IPs that made PlayStation what it was

-Foxtrot151d ago

Sony should have been working hard for years, especially during the quiet period when it was doing nothing with the franchise and after Skylanders died down, to get the franchises rights back off Activision.

They'd have had remakes, new instalments, Kart racing games and party games (Crash Bash) to do, it would have been worth it.

Yang_kai150d ago

Guys check the video on the article it’s very informative and well made with the history behind both studios.
Another thing people don’t want to understand is that the studios and Sony never owned the right for this games a the publishers had the rights to them and Sony saw the diminishing returns the franchises had and just let them be.
Would it had been nice if Sony pursued and purchased them YES would it make business sense NO.
If I had to choose between having those franchises or the studios that made them I would go with the studios 1 billion %.

ZeekQuattro150d ago

Growing up I remember seeing those commercials with a guy in a Crash costume picketing outside of what was supposed to be Nintendo headquarters. Next thing I knew Crash games were appearing on Nintendo owned devices. lmao

Yang_kai150d ago

Yeah those was funny but they was influenced by the developer name and the character been a naughty dog 🤣

brewin150d ago

Wow that's a good article. I didn't know half of that stuff. Xbox has always been lacking in the mascot games, so I wouldn't be surprised if they made some exclusive Crash and Spyro games. Hopefully we get some good stuff from them after the acquisition and it would be smarter to keep them multi plat honestly. I also am hoping they make a Skylanders game that's all inclusive and doesn't need any freaking toys. But seriously hoping for a new open world Spyro adventure that doesn't suck. After the great reception of the Spyro and Crash remakes, I'm pretty confident there's some life left for these franchises. Nintendo has been able to keep Mario adventures fresh all these years so maybe it's time these get that kind of treatment.

Yang_kai150d ago

I hoped they got the respect they deserve as excellent games that shaped the industry for the better but so far they haven’t personally I don’t think Microsoft can do it ether as they haven’t shown respect even to their flagship title (halo) in the quality area according to a few hardcore Xbox players here asking for a new developer for the franchise but I can be wrong if they give it to the pirates game developer (sorry forgot their names no offense meant 🤦🏿) and don’t make it into gas game full of micro transactions.
@ solitary
The word moves forward by copying and improving what is available otherwise we wouldn’t be writing stuff online on our phone and be making calls at home sticking our finger in a hole and do a clockwise motion 10x to make a phone call

Solitariussaint150d ago

Lol, Microsoft always trying to copy Sony. Crash and Spyro had their time in the sun already, I'm not interested in Crash or Spyro anymore.

brewin149d ago

Crash and Spyro are as timeless as Mario and Sonic. There's always going to be new gamers that want their kids to be introduced to gaming using the franchises that they played when they were younger. We're at that point now where a new and exciting Crash and Spyro are needed. Good franchises don't need to die if they can keep doing new and exciting things with them. There's still a lot of potential left in those 2 franchises. They could hand them to someone like Rare or Double Fine to concoct something fun and original using the IP. Mascot games are ready for a Renaissance and Microsoft may just be the ones to bring them back to forefront to compete with Nintendo.

Solitariussaint148d ago

Lol @ Microsoft, they'll probably just liquidate and suck all the fun out of these IPs just like how they fucked up Perfect Dark and everything else console related that they touch.