id Software Not Frustrated By Borderlands and Rage Comparisons

X360A writes:

"“Hey, guys, this Rage game looks like Borderlands, right?” is a common comment if you look at the comments whenever anyone talks about id Software’s Rage. Apart from sharing an art-style, a similar dusty setting and a first-person view, the two titles are polar opposites. When we asked Matt Hooper, id Software’s Design Director, last week whether they were frustrated by the comparisons, Hooper said it’s only natural and that it didn’t frustrate them one iota."

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meetajhu4243d ago

John Carmack and idsoftware has been developing this game before fallout 3 and borderlands even began. It is the technology which has made it the long development cycle. This is the world's first and very most advanced sandbox engine running in [email protected] on consoles with even dropping 1 frame a true technical masterpiece and the dead city trailer running on 360 or ps3 would have sufficed anyone.

PandaJenkins4243d ago

Was going to say this game has been in development for freaking ages now. But guess everyone compares these days. I mean anything post-apocalyptic is apparently inspired by Fallout 3 according to most people. It isn't like Fallout 3 started it -_-.

coryok4243d ago

he says he cant tell us what it is, and then goes on to say that there are so many things that no one has ever done in it before that you just have to try it.

i assume that we'll get a very big demo of the game then, as we need to play "so many things" to know if we'll like it

andron4243d ago

Well the concept is a bit like Fallout and Borderlands, but graphically it doesn't remind me of those games. Rage looks much better...