IGN: Aliens vs. Predator preview

IGN track down Rebellion for words and impressions on its handheld tie-in to the forthcoming sci-fi sequel:

While Rebellion might be wise to avoid the term minigame, with all it's connotations of soulless 30-second bursts of nonsensical family merriment, Aliens/Predator offers a public transport-friendly Survival Mode, which restricts you to a single arena with a five minute time limit. Your challenge is to face off against as many Alien hordes as you can. While it's one-player appeal may tire quickly, the ability to tackle two-player cooperative Survival Mode over the PSP's wireless link looks like it could be great fun.

With 15 levels and three paths through the game, as well as a collectables system for the completist, Aliens/Predator is looking every bit the fully-fledged handheld release. It even offers its own exclusive additions to the film's human-orientated universe.

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bym051d4112d ago

If they just ported over the Atari Jaguar AVP game and gave it 30+ fps, I might buy whatever console it's on.

Omegasyde4111d ago

Yea I am sorta of bummed. This game belongs with next gen consoles not handhelds.

Damn its been too long since AVP2 for the PC. I hope AVP2 the movie is better as well..