Pimp My Ride game planned for PS3 and Wii?

Activision today released its release schedule for the coming months for Europe. Apart from all the games that already have been confirmed, Activision has listed a Pimp My Ride game for both Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. The game is listed to come out on both platforms in Spring 2008.

There has already been a Pimp My Ride game for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 2 but this was released by MTV Games. The game was horribly bad, sold very bad and was pounded in reviews. Is this the same game, but for different platforms, or are we dealing here with a brand new Pimp My Ride game? Activision has not responded to this rumor yet.

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malingenie4488d ago

It's Gonna Suck. But sadly it will ahve better sales than Ico or the good games with no tie-ins.

PimpHandHappy4488d ago

will this game have better sales then ICO

get a grip

I like Xzbit on that show but as far as a game i will skip it.