Extreme Gore in Soldier of Fortune: Payback's New Footage

Gamers have seen some over-the-top violence in their life, but nothing speaks 'this game is going to be awful' like the copious amounts of gore (and not much else) in the new Soldier of Fortune: Payback gameplay video. Innovation has a gaping bullet wound in it's side, while subtlety and class got blown into itty pieces before being thrown on a fire.

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MK_Red4481d ago

Now this is what I call fun. Why can't other shooters be like this? It is uber gory and yet has M rating.

Soldier of Fortune Payback just entered my top 5 most anticipated.

Twizlex4481d ago

I've played the previous two SOF games, and I have to say that this really could go either way. The first game actually had a story and plot, while the second one... not so much. The first one was actually pretty decent, but the second one just ran with the "blow arms and legs off" gimmick, and even though it looked better graphically, it really wasn't that hot of a game.

The one thing I don't understand is the part in the preview where the guy says "The most unintentionally funny bit is the guy who keeps attacking after his leg and head have been blown off." I watched this three times to see what he's talking about and I never saw it. Am I blind or is this guy just making stuff up?

Skerj4481d ago

I played the first one on PC, the bastards kept shooting at me after only having one leg left. The 2nd one I played when it came out on the Dreamcast. ..and it killed my system. So now I'm scared of this one, but I must say damn that's gory.

Jones Miller4481d ago

To me it looks like it´s more of a gimmick with all that blood and sewered limbs! I bet it gets old real fast just like Manhunt! This is just my personal opinion and I have no problem with people buying and looking forward to playing this title.

MK_Red4481d ago

I understand what you say. Many gamers hated Manhunt and felt it got boring pretty fast while others loved the game and praised it's pacing, atmosphere and violence.

SOF:P doesn't seem to have great pacing or atmosphere of that game but as I've said before, I'm a gorehound and violent games are exactly my cup of tea.

marinelife94481d ago

Does it get old? Not really. I remember re-playing through levels of the original soldier of fortune just because it was so neat to shoot someone in the throat and they actually respond to it. You could shoot guns out of hands and they would cower or run away helplessly. You could shoot them in the foot or leg and then finish them with a head shot later.

Also only the more powerful guns actually took off limbs.

vaan4481d ago

Great gore!

But why do people fly TOWARDS you after a direct hit with a high powered assault rifle? ROFL

narked4481d ago

so you can enjoy the gore evennn more :P

THC CELL4481d ago

So when is this game getting banned lol ?


looks awesome i remember SOF,DH was a good game
online was a bit crap

MK_Red4481d ago

Well, this game not being banned means that Jack Thompson and other idiot anti-gamers don't care for children and young playing violent games, they want to go for a famous game like GTA, Halo and Manhunt and get free attention and publicity from it.

Badhabit0074481d ago

Yes, SOF:DH was fun and gorry. Graphics was pretty good for that time, and with the multiple hitting parts and pain reactions from your victims added a lot to the fun factor. But I remember clearly how dumb the AI was...

In this video, I do not understand the ragdoll effect, it's pretty strange the way the corpses moves after hits, it looks like it's too much.



xaphanze4481d ago

I think it still needs destructable environments.Other than that it looks good.

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The story is too old to be commented.