Microsoft phone copies the iPhone

A patent application that was published yesterday reveals a new mobile phone interface by Microsoft that looks uncannily like the iPhone. The patent, filed in July 2007, is called "Extensible filtered lists for mobile device user interface" and talks about how mobile phones are so complicated to use because they are chock-full of features. This problem, the patent application says, is "exacerbated by the generally limited user interfaces".

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Bonsai12145833d ago

typical microsoft. apple's going to sue someone

Umbrella Corp5833d ago

lol and microsoft will end up making more money

Cat5832d ago

yeah, like the Zune. :P


Quickstrike5833d ago

M$ has no original ideas and has to copy from what is winning and sell it cheaper but itll break just by turning it on

YoMeViet5832d ago

innovations doesn't make you rich, stealing your opponent's ideas do
Things M$ copied from Apple:

Mac - Windows
iPod - Zune
iPhone - (insert unknown name here)

and not to mention stealing Halo from Apple

Lionsguard5833d ago

It'll just RRoD on everyone. Most Americans will gobble it up though. They seem to like shoddy products that require constant fixing and replacement.

AllroundGamer5833d ago

don't forget to turn on the automatic updates, otherwise it won't work :D